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hello all – this is our competition for a truly fabulous  prize – A month’s supply of Gold Collagen.I can personally recommend this as I love Gold Collagen and use it every day..

I don’t really know the science-y bit so it has been explained properly for you below – I just know it make me feel great – full of energy and I’ve see a real improvement in my skin. I use the FORTE-for women over 40..  I’m 125 but now, thanks to Collagen Gold I only look 82 (only joking!)

The RRP for the 30 bottles is around £120 so this is a great opportunity to try Gold Collagen for a month to see what you think – Totally free!

What is it?
Taking inspiration from food technology breakthroughs in Japan, the GOLD COLLAGEN® range is a unique line of liquid beauty supplements designed to nourish skin from the inside out, targeting the visible signs of ageing associated with collagen loss. Each product is specifically formulated to address different skin and health concerns.
Developed by MINERVA Research Labs and European scientists, the GOLD COLLAGEN® range combines a unique sugar-free blend of hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients to create a liquid beauty supplement with maximum effect – one shot of GOLD COLLAGEN® is up to 20 times more effective than using a topical collagen cream or collagen pill.
Developed on the back of a growing demand for those looking for a more natural, effective and reliable solution to anti-ageing and feeling great from within, this ready-to-drink, tasting supplement trio is impressive on its own but can also be taken to enhance an existing skincare and fitness regime.
How does it work?
Collagen is a major structural protein in the skin. It plays a key role in providing the structural scaffolding for cells, tissues, and organs but it also gives skin strength and durability and is responsible for the smooth, toned appearance of young, healthy skin.
As we age, the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin gradually decreases which causes dehydration, sagging skin and a dull complexion which leads to the signs of ageing.
The unique hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid combined with the highest quality collagen contained in GOLD COLLAGEN® offers the ultimate in skin cell regeneration and hydration, resulting in increased smoothness, softening the appearance of fine lines and decreasing the appearance of wrinkles as well as supporting joint and muscle health.
Also containing vitamin C to boost the transformation of natural amino acids (lysine and proline) into collagen, GOLD COLLAGEN® liquid provides the essential building blocks required to support the metabolic functions of collagen producing cells. This gives better skin tone, optimal skin hydration levels and the ability to recapture a youthful radiance.
Once consumed, GOLD COLLAGEN® is distributed to the dermis (the deeper layer of the skin) and results in the multiplication and stimulation of fibroblast cells (collagen-making cells in the connective tissue of the skin) to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid. Whilst some creams claim to be able to reach the dermis, GOLD COLLAGEN® actually targets the fibroblast cells, triggering them to make more collagen.

Remarkably that all makes sense to me!

To enter just tell me why you want some  Gold Collagen – best answer wins!

we’ll take entries up to October 9th

Good luck! Angeli x


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  1. Helen Hodgson says:

    I’m nearly 50, and I’d like to be ‘nifty’ !

  2. Suzanne Drummond says:

    well im hitting the BIG 50 next year and i need all the help i can get to keep my youthfull looks

  3. Helen Battle says:

    I’m also getting very close to the big 50 and i try my hardest to look after myself and stay youthful so this would be a great help to being cast aside as an old fart ! 🙂

  4. claire woods says:

    I’m getting ever nearer to the big 40 and need help!

  5. michelle harris says:

    I’m forte five, but could do with some collagen gold, so I don’t look like a golden oldie

  6. rosalind says:

    i want this to be my liquid gold instead of wine!!

  7. Annette Milligan says:

    With being 46 and reaching menopause Ive began to notice the effects this is now having on my skin which always appears dull and dry regardless of how much I moisturise. I think maybe a collagen supplement like gold collagen would prove more beneficial to me now in place of my old faithful face creams. I was very interested to read on the benefits to joints and muscles that it also provides and would love to give it a try!

  8. Angela Kelly says:

    I going all wrinkly from stress!

  9. Ruth Harwood says:

    This would be very useful in my recovery from the illnesses I’ve suffered over the last few years as it will help me feel good about myself while I lose the weight I’ve gained through painkillers xx

  10. jodie yorke says:

    Im only 33 but have been using every anti aging products i can get my hands on since my early twenty. would love to try this.

  11. Rachel Wise says:

    Now in my mid-40s I need to start thinking about caring for my skin and staying healthy and this will help my regime and feeling good about myself.

  12. Sammi McSporran says:

    Because you’re never too young to start worrying about aging? 😛

  13. Mary Chez says:

    It would help me look like a golden oldie instead of a wrinkly one

  14. tanya says:

    I would love to gift them to my mum! She loves trying new products. Goodluck everyone <3

  15. Elaine Anderson says:

    this looks like a great product for a granny who doesn’t want to look old

  16. SUE says:

    With all the winning ingredients to be found in this wonderful pot of Gold, this 10 day programme would really be of great benefit to my well being….Created especially for my age group, it sounds very unique, targeting beauty and health from within….Every second counts as the minutes and years tick by, and this formula is one that you can sip and enjoy every day, knowing that it is overflowing with goodness and vitality….I would love to be given the opportunity to try ‘Gold Collagen’ and experience its results because it would enrich my life in a special way… I would also like to share its results with my family and friends, so that they too benefit from this wonderful product xx

    • admin says:

      wow great answer! and as a devotee I think the results are great.. have you tried anything like it before? Angeli x

      • SUE says:

        Thankx for your reply Angeli. Too be honest I haven’t even heard about it until I found this great website and competition. It does sound amazing, so thank you for making me aware of it…..

        • admin says:

          think you’ll be hooked ( my teenage son said I looked ‘young’ recently – that was a first – I put it down to the collagen! x

  17. christine szlobodnik says:

    I’m 27 & i really don’t want to look any older.


    • admin says:

      ha ha love that you are a BABY Christine – but never to young to look after yourself… are you really a ‘littlemonsterchrissy’? Angeli x

  18. kayleigh manning says:

    I would love to win this for my mum for christmas to make her feel special 🙂

  19. Anthea Holloway says:

    If there’s something good for oldies like me
    Then we should have some you will agree
    Make me young and fancy free
    Even though I am sixty-three!

  20. Hannah Ingham says:

    My skin’s looking rather dreadful at the moment so would love to try this to see if it can work its magic!

  21. amy bondoc says:

    Id like to win, not for me but for my mother in law who is in her 50’s. she is always complaining about her skin so would love to win this for her !

  22. catjamison says:

    Because I just failed to get my PhD after 7 years and TWO vivas, so I feel about 100

  23. sydney allen says:

    Just met up with a very special person who I have not seen for 30 years. Its difficult to turn the clock that far back without a little help.

    • admin says:

      very wise words – weirdly I’m meeting a school friend after about that time soon today! hope yours went well? hope mine does too.. fingers crossed! xxAngeli x

  24. Nat Thomason says:

    I’m fab at 50 and no wrinkles yet maybe this is what I need to keep young

  25. Natalie Crossan says:

    My glam Mother turns 50 in November.She’s battled lupus, raising kids on her own and working full time. She’s never left the house looking anything less than glam, she’s kept her figure, she’s turned down sweet treats for years in favour of a hotter body. She’s definitely perfect just as she is but it might be nice to give her a little treat for all her efforts 🙂

  26. nicola weeks says:

    I’m only 28 and I already have bad crows feet! I say it’s a sign on a happy life but I think I’m kidding myself! I would love to delay the aging process before I go completely downhill! I also think my mum would love to try it, she definitely deserves a treat! x

  27. Christine Johnson says:

    l am going on 60, every thing has gone down hill now, think l would need to drink two or three bottles a day

  28. says:

    I am 29 and getting married in the next few months. I am just starting to notice a few wrinkles appear that were never there before and therefore have been searching for a product that could improve my skin. In my wedding pictures I would like to look as youthful as I did a few years ago and believe that this product could do so, every girl wants to look a million dollars in her wedding pictures.

  29. Monika S says:

    I’d love it for my mum, she is 60 this year and have a 10 years younger man – she needs to keep up her looks:)

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