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I have one of these candles and I can honestly say the fragrance that comes off it is A-Mazing. Really strong and soothing.. I’m addicted!  Enter the competition and win one for yourself! Love Angeli xx
In just one application, intensively treat tired and stressed skin whilst deeply relaxing both body and mind with the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment Candle.
Available in two signature Neom blends, the incredibly unique skin-nourishing formula works to intensively repair and protect dry, tired and stressed skin. When applied, the warmth created increases circulation, allowing the special blend of restorative essential oils to hit the bloodstream in just 20 minutes. The incredibly moisturising candle wax is blended using the purest hydrating cocoa butter, vitamin rich soybean and almond oils and 100% natural vegetable wax. Formulated with a low melt point, the nourishing oil is ready to be drizzled onto skin after just 2 minutes of cooling. Simply light for 15-45 minutes, before applying the soothing therapeutic pool of oil directly onto skin. When used each day, the rich 100% natural oil blend will work to dramatically improve dehydrated and damaged skin.
As you treat the skin, inhale the deeply relaxing essential oils of two signature Neom blends. Breathe deep and absorb the 24 powerful stress relieving oils of the Scent to Instantly De-stress™ Real Luxury TM fragrance, or prepare your body for sleep with the 19 sedative oils found in our signature Scent to Sleep™ blend, Tranquillity TM. On inhalation, the oils travel to the limbic system and are met by an incredible 50 million receptors. The oils then journey to the olfactory bulb (sense of smell), our most acute sense, and begin to work on both body and mind.
Originally created as part of the Neom Wellbeing Spa Treatments, the two Intensive Skin Treatment Candles are the hero products in our innovative and unique Sleep and De-stress treatments. During your treatment the candle is drizzled over the skin and worked in using key stress relieving techniques, including shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point work. All Neom treatments have been created to provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits. Masterminded by our team of wellbeing experts, we harness the very best knowledge to provide the perfect night’s sleep, boost energy, lift mood or relieve stress.
Available In: Real Luxury™ (lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood) & Tranquillity™ (English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine)
RRP: £36 / 140G.

We have one Intensive Skin Treatment Candle worth £36 to send to a lucky reader – just write down your de-stress tip below and I’ll get the lovely people at Neom to choose a winner!

Offer closes 19th November 2015. Good luck! Angeli x


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  1. clare says:

    switch everything off for 15 minutes and just sit Cx

  2. Lola Skinner says:

    I use aromatherapy to de-stress. It works! Lavender, bergamot and chamomile are my go-to essential oils. I usually have a roller-ball on hand when I’m out and about. It is simple and very effective for relieving stress.

  3. iain maciver says:


  4. pete c says:

    30 minutes reading something

  5. Janet Humphrey says:

    Got to be a box set and a cuppa

  6. Sue Catn says:

    Soft lighting, a bath, a couple of candles….and the company of Michael Buble!

  7. Suzanne Drummond says:

    colouring mindefulness

  8. Gerri Yennant says:

    Have a good laugh with family and friends.

  9. Laura Clements says:

    Relaxing bubbly bath, candles galore, mindfulness meditation, Pukka nightime tea…..earplugs…in this order! This works amazingly in my house 🙂

    • admin says:

      oh my god you are a saint… kids fighting over shower, dog barking, everyone shouting at each other from different rooms and copious amounts of alcohol to help drown out the noise is my life…Angeli x

  10. Debbie Creasey says:

    Lavender oil on my pillow works for me and reading in bed helps me relax and nod off.

  11. Helen Jones says:

    Sitting in my garden with a good book and in the winter sitting by a window looking out at my garden

  12. Ruth Harwood says:

    I spend ten minutes a day standing on my doorstep away from the noise of life in the evening thinking, it’s really good quiet stress-relieving time xx

  13. Hannah Ingham says:

    Sitting in a quiet place with your favourite music in the background!

  14. claire woods says:

    Swimming works for me.

  15. A good book, a lit candle and some peace and quiet!

  16. Amelia says:

    A bit of sea air and healing ocean normally does the trick 🙂 xx

  17. emily omara says:

    pause and sit and try to zone out!

  18. theresaparker says:

    I have just discovered cycling …cycling along the river bank distressed me totally

  19. samantha fry says:

    nice long hot bubble bath with scented candles

  20. Joanne Welsh says:

    A long, relaxing bath

  21. Yasmin says:

    Being around nature helps me to de-stress. A walk in the park brings calm to my emotions.

  22. Suzanne O'Neill says:

    Put the lights out, light the candles and listen to relaxing music in the bath 🙂

  23. amy fidler says:

    switch off phone/tv/put music on light candles/incense sticks/get into pjs/and eat a tub of ice cream,helps me de stress every time,

  24. Lyndsay Spencer says:

    immerse myself in a good book, in a warm quiet room with a lovely scent burning in the background.

  25. jules eley says:

    Dim the room, Light a candle, pour yourself a drink (wine works for me) grab a blanket and put on a lovely film or read a book the book works for me because i love getting lost in the book 🙂

  26. Lucy Chester says:

    A relaxing bath

  27. Viva says:

    Lying on my bed listening to music de-stresses me

  28. carol boffey says:


  29. Alison says:

    Run a hot bubble bath. Turn off the light put on my battery candles and let everything float away

  30. kim says:

    Just sit and chill

  31. Tracy Newton says:

    Once a week I try and have a soak in the bath, with the whirlpool on. But when my little ones hear the machine they try and jump in! I am also a big fan of aromatherapy oils for relaxation and aiding sleep.

  32. Meghan says:

    neoms de- stress trio is my all time favourite way to de-stress, especially on the go! ??

  33. Meghan says:

    neoms de-stress trio is my favourite way to de-stress, especially on the go ??

  34. Sandra says:

    Get the dog, wrap up warm and go for a big long walk on a windy beach. Best way to blow your worries away, guaranteed to lift the spirits.

    • admin says:

      unless you have a mad springer spaniel like me who runs off, starts jumping up at other people and will not come back! Angeli xx

  35. Gemma Holland says:

    Get someone to take your kids out for a couple of hours & enjoy a nice uninterrupted bath, then read or just have a daytime lie down. No technology. Bliss!

  36. Jaclyn says:

    I think the best way to de-stress is to soak in a Neom Tranquility bath, then get a really good book, settle down in the sofa with a cup of tea and a jammie dodger (other biscuits available). A nice Neom candle (I LOVE deeply relaxed with the French lavender) finishes of the scenario. Bliss. Oh, and the house has to be empty. Sorry kids… 😉

  37. Gemma Cook says:

    If i find my self getting really stressed. I will step away from what i’m doing and take a 10 min break (ideally outside for some fresh air). It really works for me xxx
    I would love to win this amazing giveaway! Thank you for the chance x

  38. Jen Shearer says:

    A long dog walk, it gives me time to order my thoughts and reflect on what is going on. The dog usually does something that makes me laugh and that always help in times of stress.

  39. helen sahl says:

    Go for a long walk in the outdoors, my favourite place to walk is on the beach, where I can hear the sound of the waves and smell the aroma of the sea, it usually works for me to de-stress.

  40. sharon williams says:

    Getting the walking shoes on and waterproofs and exploring somewhere you’ve never been before. Losing yourself in peaceful surroundings.

  41. Melissa Lee says:

    My best destress tip is to realise that there are some things in life that can’t be changed, no matter what you do. Letting go of control is one of the most relaxing things you can do for a peaceful and happy life.

  42. Susan B says:

    Switch everything off; pull the curtains; place your favourite diffuser or candle close by; clear your mind and breathe s-l-o-w-l-y and consciously. Aaaaah!

  43. Victoria Prince says:

    Cuddle/stroke an animal!

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