why girls can get away with leggings!…By Gea X

October 3, 2015 • Family, Kids • Views: 882

If  I am honest I have never been a fan of the “legging.”  in my humble opinion- unless you are rake thin or heading to the gym where everyone is bedecked in leggings – they should not be on display! As motherhood embraced me I specifically remember stating that it is an item of clothing I would never let my daughters wear. For me, leggings have always fallen into the same catagory as Crocs™ and Uggs® (apologies to all Croc and Ugg lovers out there!) But, oh my – how things have changed!…
Leggings have come a long way – no longer are they the ill-fitting, unflattering, slightly opaque lycra items that seemed to grace every uncool store on the high street – the leggings of today have new found street cred.

The little person who has played a major role in bringing me over to the apparel dark-side is Iris, my 9 yr old daughter. Iris is what I would call a ‘legging-aficionado’!
She loves them – she wears them under skirts, shorts, dresses and (shock horror) even on their own with a top or t-shirt. Thank heavens for uniforms as I think she would even insist on wearing them to school if the system allowed. Love them or hate them, in our house leggings are going nowhere!

My pursuit of finding the coolest leggings out there has led me to find a selection of really fab pairs, in great fabrics and quirky styles.
See links below for my favourite styles and designs for little ladies:







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Untitled 3





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