Whistlestop tour of Paris….. no time to breathe….By Angeli

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Arrived late Thursday night to our Airbnb apartment right next to the Bastille…. We dashed straight out to find breakfast supplies..(should have packed some teabags!). It was amazing how alive and vibrant the street were at 11.30pm – people still sitting at outside cafes, walking, talking, smoking, dancing…

Gathering in groups on corner street to discuss their day.. Such a buzz of energy and life force. Alongside were the homeless making their cardboard beds in shop doorways – many with little children – heartwrenching for us but a normal occurrence on these city central streets

Friday was culture day so we went to the Louvre, the glass pyramid is breathtakingly beautiful but it’s a place you need at least 5 days to get around and honestly not the most comfortable in 28 degree heat.. we managed about 4 hours at which point my teenage son made a calculated break for it and we willingly following… we saw Mona Lisa and the nipple tweaking sisters ( queue giggles from husband and son)


Then on the fabulous Tuilleries Gardens… there was a funfair there and going on a few rides and being hurled down the log flume rebonded us a family and we traipsed home happy.

Reunion dinner with our bestest friends from Sydney was as expected low on edibles high on alcohol…. The evening was a blur of champagne (200 Euros a bottle – eek) and teary/soppy/I miss you stories…the teenagers has a couple of drinks too…but that’s another story.

Saturday arrived and I was on a mission to go into an Isabel Marant shop in Paris and buy something!! I got my trusty map and headed off on a solo expedition…. 20 mins later I asked a shop keeper and found I had been walking in the opposite direction – not phased I retraced my steps and found the shrine of Marant… I entered… I browsed.. I picked.. I tried on and I bought…..yay yay yay!!!!!

Then off to my favourite Museum – the D’orsay..followed by a stroll along the riverside watching artists and musicians bring joy to the world!

Dinner that night was bloody brilliant as I just wanted a huge plate of steak frites..Its called L’aller Retour. Argentinean melt in your mouth beef and itsy bitsy crispy fries – 2 sauces for the steak and salad. Job done!

We then split away from out friends as they wanted to go drinking more and we wanted to see more of Paris by night so we 4 crammed into a Paris tuk tuk and TUK off (geddit!)

We did Eiffel Tower.. buzzy and fun.. We did Arc de Triomphe – stunning and throught provoking… and we wandered down the Champs Elysees – vibrant, colourful and packed with restaurants in the streets. shoppers, street entertainers and thousands of honking cars!

Sunday – our last day.. boo hoo.. ‘Im indoors and I left the apartment early and wandered round the fabulous food market next to us around the Bastille. We came back bearing gorgeous pastries and freshly squeezed juice – perfect..

They rest of the day we walked again, Notre Dame, Point Zero (below) and Pompidou Centre and them on the le Marais where are friends were staying…. Here I saw the longest queue ever! – was a rock star in town? Was Chanel having a sample sale??? No to both – they were queuing for a FALAFEL!!!

It is THE place mentioned in Devils Wears Prada as ‘the falafel place that will change you life!’ Amazing how long the trail was and they even had bouncers controlling the queue!

Anyhoo I managed to wander round more and spend more money than I actually have but that’s the temptress that is Paris! Parting from our friends was so sad I miss them so much but we are planning a summer boat trip next year so I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that happens!

It was fast, it was frantic but it was fabulous! Go soon!



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  1. Great writeup Angeli and thanks for sharing. Wifey and I are there after our London trip, will pick your brain love. I was thinking of grabbing a show as well as museum trips but let’s see! xo

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