When my friend Paula collapsed with a brain aneurysm….by Angeli x

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I’ve known n Paula for over 20 years… we met through one night at a party and wam bam were the best of friends from that minute! I’d just bought my first flat on my own in London after coming out of a long term relationship and was single for the first time in a decade… Paula lit up every room she entered with a vibrancy and sense of mischief that was infectious… she was the one who could lead me astray after back to back relationships and an all consuming 24/7 job in advertising.. she was my saviour!

After she was booted out of her rented flat (that’s a whole other story!) She called me in despair – could she stay with me for a couple of weeks while she found somewhere else?

Of course I said yes and turned my dining room into a makeshift bedroom for her.. 3 years later she was still there and together we painted the town red, white, blue and orange… she was the best possible party medicine I could ever have to show me that life could be the best fun ever!

Over the years our lives went in different directions as I met my husband, had kids and starting running my own businesses… Paula worked long hours in restaurant and club management but eventually met the love of her life, Andrew…. But through it all we stayed friends.. We knew 2 things – when we did get to meet we told each other everything and that we would always be there for each other..

Last New Years Eve Paula and Andrew came for to stay with us in Brighton… It was brilliant, my menu – curry and champagne – what more could you want? Lots of drinking, lots of laughing and still up at 7am.. Amazing! We resolved to stay in touch sooo much more and started off brilliantly in January – resolving to schedule up our random get-togethers on a more regular basis.. Shoreditch House was booked for a February rendezvous…

On a cold rainy saturday I got the call – Paula had collapsed with a brain aneurysm in a London Tube station after coming home from work late at night.She was only in her 40s, just bought her first home with  Andrew and 2 months into  a new jobs she loved.

She was in an induced coma.. No one knew the damage or even if she would live…For the first few days it was family only at her beside, but the following week finally I was able to go see her… shaved heard, tubes everywhere….but the hardest part was the silence.. A room with Paula in is never quiet…

The  doctors were brutal,.. I get that they need to tell it how it is… but ‘not expected to survive’.. ‘if she gets an infection we recommend not treating’…. Is hard to hear… but I knew she was a fighter and wouldn’t leave us so soon.. I promised her a trip to Paris to buy some Christian Louboutin shoes ( what more incentive do you need!) and we waited…

Slowly but surely Paula has been making progress, she squeezed my hand one visit, the next she was opening an eye, the next she smiled- cutely lopsided as her right side wasn’t working – but totally beautiful and endearing..

Many months down the road and Paula continues to make progress – she’s in specialist rehab and will be there until October.. When I went to see her last time – the most amazing thing happened, she spoke to me.. Barely a whisper but it was a conversation filled with memories of joy and laughter.. Paula was back to fill our hearts with love again..

Through it all Andrew, her hubby has been with her every day. He is incredible and all his day is spent is supporting her and planning for their future… he is what love is all about…he is the wind beneath her wings…

Who knows the future for Paula… No one can predict. We can only hope and know she has the courage and determination to have a happy life.. Every day she fights  to recover and life continues to be a adventure for her. I’m so very glad I can continue to be a part of it..




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5 Responses to When my friend Paula collapsed with a brain aneurysm….by Angeli x

  1. Suzi Staples says:

    A sad yet yet beautiful story. I think we all wish your friend Paula a speedy recovery.
    S xx

  2. Danny Bouvery says:

    Thanks for sharing Angeli, reminds how fragile we really are and how important friendship is. I hope this is a chapter in a large book we will continue to read together for a long time…hugs xo

  3. Denise says:

    Angeli, How beautiful special friendships are. Paula is very lucky to have you and we send all our love for her continual recovery, she is a strong and brave lady and if anyone can overcome this it is her. Thanks for sharing. x

    • admin says:

      hey Denise – I went to see her last week! She is beginning to move her right hand now – always moving forward.. she is amazing!

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