Vegan brekkie! how healthy can you get! Love Francine

December 2, 2015 • Food & Interiors • Views: 1125

As my kids love toast and nutella or bacon bagels for breakfast I’m always in awe of mothers that constantly manage to keep the children on the healthy eating plan! Francine seems to be one of those wonderful mums! (totally unlike me!) Love Angeli x


I am having to be a bit more creative when it comes to breakfast with my youngest daughter, Albertine age 10.
She has veered into becoming a vegan. Unless I give her toast every morning, I have to work a little harder. So I have started to make my own almond milk to in courage her to eat muesli and oats. Almond milk ( home made ) is so delicious and nutritious, it’s a no brainer. I shall make it as long as she will drink it, which I’m sure will come to an abrupt end, along with avocados which she used to love and spirulina which is now hated and of course all yoghurt which is now like poison to her.
All you need to do is soak almond in plenty of water overnight , rinse well, then food process them with fresh cold water for 2 minutes before striking them through a very fine sieve or Muslin cloth. You can add sweetener of your choice if desired .

Love Francine xx


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