Veena’s last day in Jaipur… xx

August 6, 2015 • Guest Blogs • Views: 622

Last day in Jaipur will go down it the history books as the day we nearly died. Well ok bit of an exaggeration but still.  A late start was followed by Molly having her hand henna-ed; after half an hour, we both picked off the dried henna in a small temple watched by monkeys sitting on a nearby wall. Then the torture began. According to Lali, we should climb the ‘365 steps’ to the Ganesha temple. Despite the searing, heat, we thought this was achievable and set off quite confidently. Wrong!!! My heart was palpitating and Moll wasn’t much better despite having 30 years on me. Sweating profusely, with scarlet faces, we reached the top only to be a bit underwhelmed by the temple itself. Lali chuckled on our return – bah!


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