To Chloe or To Zara – that is the question???? Love Angeli x

October 24, 2015 • Fashion, This Is Me • Views: 870

Very sadly,  in absolutely no way am I in the market for a Chloe jumper priced at £700. In fact, if I’m honest I would feel quite sick spending that amount of money on a woolly. At the moment I’m all about the house. That’s where my money is going –  renovating, redecorating the teenage kids rooms and saving up to turn the garage into an office/man cave for ‘im indoors.. its a double edged sword – feeling quite proud that we are finally getting the house sorted but at the same time missing me as  the carefree, buy clothes and handbags (that I dont need or really want) kinda gal I love!

Anyhoo, I still love my NetAPorter daily emails detailing what I SHOULD be buying and I fell in love with this snuggly buggly stripey ( but not in a Where’s Wally way) jumper. the perfect addition to my autumn wardrobe! only one snag – £700 price tag.. That is equivalent to about 30 more driving lessons for my daughter.. a return  flight to New York and maybe (?) even  money towards  a new car. – Ours is basically one big dent. the latest two made last weekend by –

a) my husband driving with his contact lenses in. Let me explain. In one eye he wears a lens for his short- sightedness. The other one for his long- sightedness. This appears to give him a blind spot on the left hand side and he keeps driving into bollards on the pavement as apparently  he cant see them. ( well that’s what he say). Current score Brighton bollards 3, Hubby 0.

b) I was stationery in traffic. Trotting horses passed by. Big horse decided to take a big poo beside me – while still trotting and then perform a perfect Britain’s Got Talent – worthy execution of  simultaneously jumping up, pooing and kicking out. would have gotten millions of viewings on You Tube  had I actually managed to film it. Sadly all that actually happened was that the kick connected with my car and now has a lovely big horse dent to join the others..

Sorry I digress, Chloe jumper NO. But imagine my delight at looking at the WHAT’S NEW section on the ZARA website! Woo – bloody – Hoo. Not silk/mohair blend I have to admit but gorgeous none the less! …I love it, I went to Zara, I bought it. And I’ve worn it already! Love Love Love. Go buy it – You’re worth it!


have a fabulous Saturday – I’m off to meet out guest blogger – Amelia-with-the-bump at the fabulous Silo from yesterday’s blog! lots of love..

Angeli xx


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