Time to rethink your hairbrush??? Love Ruby

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Is it me., or do have some of the chicest, most elegant women have the most hideous unkempt hairbrushes, full of old hair, lint and God knows what else? What amazes me is the fact that well-groomed women who wouldn’t dream of having a dirty make-up brush or sponge, happily carry around a filthy hairbrush without batting an eyelid. I know I’m a bit of a hygiene freak, but frankly it doesn’t seem right not to give your hair tools the same degree of attention that you pay to your cosmetic brushes. And let’s face it, clean hair tools means cleaner, fresher hair!

The best tools to clean your hair brushes and combs are by Philip B Hairbrush Cleaner, £10.12, a handy wooden-handled rake designed to remove all traces of hair and lint. I also love Kent’s Hairbrush Cleaner, £2.95, a firm, toothbrush style cleaner.

While we’re talking about brushes, we all know that Mason Pearson brushes are considered to be the gold standard of hairbrushes but I happen to have found that make-up artist, Sonia Kashuk has created some fantastic tools and accessories for US retail giant, Target, which are ultra-affordable and easy to buy online. Not only have her brushes scooped Allure’s Best of Beauty, they are available in a large and small size, both under $16, and she has even created a deluxe gold finish version.

I can’t talk about hairbrushes without mentioning Tangle Teezer. They are the best brushes to use on wet or dry hair, all ages, and hair textures, great if you have a sensitive scalp or are prone to hair loss.

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