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It has been a pretty momentous week as my daughter Georgia celebrated her 17th birthday… In my humble opinion buying presents for teenage boys (i.e. my son) can be a bit tough as if it doesn’t relate in some way to a screen ( ipad, X box, iphone, ipod) they don’t appear to be that much interested!

Teenage girls however are FUN! Clothes, shiny jewellery and books – all things I love! So I went with all 3…

  1. Books – Games of Thrones – she’s obsessed with Jon Snow.. And now we know he hasn’t really died Georgia is even happier! It’s like an extra birthday present!
  2. jewellery – 2 pronged attack here.

a)… ! have a 60s Tag Heuer watch. She uses it as a lucky talisman when she does any exams and then gives in back to me… Now she’s going to 6th form college and being so amazingly responsible I’ve given her the watch for keeps..

b) we have finally succumbed to the Pandora rollercoaster..Whilst it’s not my personal cup of tea I can totally see the appeal to all young ladies out there! It’s bloody expensive tho’ (I know I know all hand made) but luckily Georgia wants to choose each charm and collect them gradually so each one means something to her. And if I totally honest it was so much fun choosing the first few with her – great mother/daughter bonding exercise and shopping to boot – what more could I ask for!

We got a Buddha (for serenity) – she named him Puck from her favourite Shakespeare play ‘ A Midsummer’s Night Dream’ A lion head for strength, a hamsa hand for protection  and a globe – so I could ‘give her the world’ – (that’s what I said to her but she said that sounded creepy! – go figure!)

3.Clothes – lots – but most gorgeous was a fab Top Shop Parka – perfect for the winter and bus rides to college…


And finally most monumentally a provisional driving license…

You can get lots of ‘stuff’ for your little ones but it is a jolt to the heart seeing how grown up they are when you book their first driving lesson.

Hers is tomorrow during her lunch hour.. I’m excited and scared in equal measure… ahrghhhhh.. We hear a lot about teenage angst as they grow up – but what about parent angst????!

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