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I really have not has the best of weeks – I’m trying to find the sunshine through the smog of life but it’s proving difficult bah humbug…

The week started pretty crappily as my son’s interim school report was dropped through the letterbox. I have no shame in saying he’s a very smart cookie and reports are normally a thing of joy and the giving smothering of many (unwanted) kisses on son’s face. Not this time. Lowest grades he has ever got…Great start to his GSCE course.. Arguments began

My hysterical overreaction and ‘ you watch too many screen/are glued to your ipad etc etc’ at top decibel level. Him – Whatever and slamming bedroom door in my face…grrrrr.

To be fair to him, he eventually talked to me and appeared to be mortified at his results, meekly handed over the ipad and picked up a book to read.. However he didn’t appear to understand the concept of sitting quietly/ getting immersed in the storyline/ becoming so hooked you cant but it down.. its so old skool! But hey I live in hope!

Later in the week I went to a glam-packed book launch party. One of the photographers I represent, Kate Martin, had taken lots of the book pics ‘London Burning Portraits from a Creative City’ Fabulous book – and lots of famous people squashed like sardines into the Institute of contemporary Arts. Inside I met a hero of mine ‘ Mariella – sexy voice – Frostrup. It was worth going just to meet her!

Lots of glamorous models/celebs in 6 inch stilettos (men and women actually!) and me – I was totally overwhelmed by the huge number of peeps and honestly being 5’2” in a celeb mosh pit – albeit a well dressed one – was horrendous. Disaster was I missed on the after party trip to the Groucho Club and copious cappuccino martinis! snuck off early and happily settled for M&S crisps ( sour cream and chive crinkle ones) and a bottle of vino with the hubby when I got home!

Friday – computer crashed. I can’t say more it’s just too upsetting. I had a full on melt down and data retrieval is still ongoing. Soo much work lost. If I could keep my apple screen I would…

Weekend arrived –Saturday big big party to go to…lovely Kate whom I’ve known for 20 years was having a fab party for her 10th wedding anniversary – glam do, chance to dress up and travel up to London with some mates and ‘make a night of it’ (as they say). By Friday my daughter’s flu had attacked me with a vengeance.. On Saturday I tried for a miraculous speedy recovery. 3 lemsips/4 nurofen and a packet of strepils later I was out for the count and going nowhere.. boo hoo. Hubby put my electric blanket on the sofa.. made me some chamomile tea and put a Meryl Streep movie on the TV and left me to sneeze, cough and splutter my way through the day.

Evening came; Rugby was on, England versus Australia, Crunch match. we lost comprehensively, friends from Sydney, where I live for 5 years texted their glee..

Disastrous end to a disastrous week. Bring on the Nytol tablets I need to sleep through Sunday!

And how was your week!





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