The week that was – the house of teenage troubles…Cara Delevingne stand in line! by Angeli x

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So the last week has been pretty full on stress and joy sprinkled around in equal measure… the first milestone was that we finally reach the end of the GSCE road for my daughter G1. It seems like about 5 lifetimes ago that this whole process started with a vengeance and quite frankly I am pleased it is over as much as her!

Everything seemed to kick up into full throttle at Easter with a vast swarm of well meaning teachers giving a slightly sullen teenager ‘revision advice’ at the parent teacher meeting. I cant tell you how much fun it was running round the school hall looking for each GCSE teacher to squeeze in the allotted 5 minutes of feedback on how she was doing/what she needed to do etc etc. – I’m sure you know the feeling at Parent Teacher – Triple yuk!

This was then followed by an eternity of drafted revision planning (by me), and a concerted effort to disregard said revision planning (by my daughter). Copious nagging (on my part) and copious ignoring of my nagging on her side. The exams finally began mid May and anxiety levels were running high (yes just mine!) Despite a catalogue of undoubtedly stressful exams I only received one solus repetitive answer as to how each and every exam went (FINE MUM!!!! – please note my many many many exclamation marks). So frustrating for a control freak like me! After over a month of this torture finally Friday 19th June. arrived   9.00am Further Mathematics.. it was over…

So bring on the school Friday night Prom! Figure hugging black ASOS dress, Zara studded high heels, my Louis Vuitton Clutch and lots of gold jewellery, stack rings, including my mama’s wedding ring.. chain bracelets and Chanel Rouge Noir nails.. My tomboy girl was transformed into a princess.. the rebel in her is something I admire and hope never leave her tho.. I treated her to a hairdressers appointment and she went for ‘Cara Delevnigne weave one once side.. so perfect for her inherent creative soul.. She looked beautiful and although I’ve been banned by her of showing a prom pic here is the hair – fab!

Earlier in the week G2, the teenage son, brought home his year-end exam results – amazing, outstanding and brilliant. I am super proud of him, of course, and I know its also super wrong to say but he’s immensely irritating too as he also refused to succumb to my nagging skills and did no revision – As I write this I can see the obvious pattern here 1. I am a lousy nagger and 2. My teenage kids don’t listen to me at all.. my self esteem has hit rock bottom.. Hey what’s new I’m sure I’m not in a club of 1 – am I right?

However G2 was magnanimous enough to not throw this all back in my face and shriek “ I told you I didn’t need to revise, stop nagging” (as I was totally expecting that!) I rewarded his restraint and the fact he spontaneously gave me a kiss on the cheek (very rare these days) by buying him a par of football boots. I know I’m a total pushover…

The weekend rolled on… Saturday G1 was off to Hyde Park for a Blur concert with her friends – Jealous –moi ?(yes actually – I got to clean the house and sort thru smelly school uniform to wash and iron) then Sunday, Hubby up at 4.30am to catch a coach to London to do the London to Brighton bike ride.. me cooking a celebratory roast lunch for him on his return.. Work all week then chained to the stove and washing machine all weekend.. the joys of being a wife and mum – my cup overfloweth(!) .. But you know I was super proud of my hubby finishing the ride 4 years in a row., my son wrote this in his fathers day card and at 5pm I poured myself a very large glass of New Zealand Pinot Noir and made everyone play kerplunk.. the kids fought, the husband snoozed… it was all good….



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  1. Danny Bouvery says:

    I don’t know how you do it Angeli but hats off!! Congrats on the talented teens, must be amazing watching them grown into junior adults . Hope you’ve got a crate of that Pinot….love reading your blogs xo

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