the week that was.. teenagers back to school.. By Angeli x

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I was hoping that the beginning of term last week would bring a sense of serenity and harmony to the household – not least because there would no longer be two bored and listless teenagers roaming around looking for either

1 Some source of entertainment or

2. food

This proved to be some sort of la la fantasy that I had dreamed about and had absolutely no bearing on reality.. But it was a tale of two sides of the proverbial coin in our house –

Teenage Son..

I find I start my day on a mini high if I’ve had a good night’s sleep. The alarm goes of at 6am and I click on snooze for 10 minutes while I slowly drift into consciousness… Then my eyes snap open and the adrenalin of fear kicks in.. I have to get my teenage son ready for school… The battle is on..

6.30am – one cup of tea down I start trying to get him up… gentle cajoling went out the window years ago – as did kiss of the forehead and whispering kindly. Now its- bedroom door hit by a wave of a combination of BO & food left in his room from a midnight snack feast.

3. rip open the curtains so he is hit in the face with light.

4. yell at him to get up..

This is then followed by..

  1. him switching on his ipad mini
  2. not getting up.
  3. more shouting on both sides. Him not getting up.
  4. Him finally arriving in the kitchen ( carrying ipad)
  5. A strange lack of feeling in his arms to the point he cant even pour milk into his cereal and I have to do this..

The battle continues – he hasn’t sorted his uniform/packed his sports gear/printed his homework etc etc – you get the drill. Total stress until we leave the house (obviously late!). Its like Groundhog Day but without the fun.

Then all is nothing by Thursday when he calls to say he has had a rugby accident and cut his head open.. Cue tears (mine not his) hugs and kisses (he actually doesn’t push me away). Tucked up safely on the sofa with his special blanket and a cup of cocoa – he’s still my baby.. Roll on tomorrow morning!

Teenage Daughter

Is coping with enormous change. After a remarkable (and tear inducing on my part) set of GSCE results including 8 A*/A grades she has moved to 6th Form College.

If you knew my daughter you’d know she hates change.

It has always made her nervous and this is one monumental change… Gone is school uniform, gone are regular school hours and gone is the familiarity of friends, teachers and an all-embracing school environment.

She’s out there on her own, learning bus timetables to get there and back.. She’s learning to address teachers by their first names and not Sir/Miss.

She is making new friends and beginning to understand the freedom college life holds for her. From an oppressive, results driven environment she has landed in a nurturing team oriented world where results are important but not everything.

It’s a life I want for her as she nears 17, a life that is about her beautiful spirit and warm heart as much as it is about academia.

And its working already… she comes home and talks to me about her day,.. new friends, new experiences..

She stays in touch with her old friends so that she continues to feels connected. And most of all she’s hit the ground running. She’s challenging the fear each and every day and telling it to get lost.. I couldn’t be more proud.

Angeli x

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