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I work really really hard to pay the for life we have and keep up with the ever increasing costs of growing children – not least the food bill as there appears to be a horde of locusts that raid my fridge and larder each and every day and strip them both bare – AKA teenage son and daughter…


So as we jetted off for a two week summer holiday my head and heart were filled with delicious images of sun, sea sand combined with family bonding , laughter filled days, playing pit pat on the beach, lying by the pool in our villa and generally eating and drinking too much..


More importantly I was hoping the forced family holiday quarantine would bring a new level to our respective relationships..after all I have two ‘ nearly adults’ who have VERY STRONG opinions of their own.. In my dreamworld we would sit around chatting, playing old board games, cook and chill as one – A family Unit..Oh and the kids would hug and kiss me everyday and tell me how much they loved me – a little too much do you think?


Cracks appeared almost immediately at the airport as we were set for departure.. Son had not packed ONE THING himself – despite being ‘ encouraged quite loudly’ on many occasions to do so. So whatever shorts/t shirts/ boarders etc I chose he’d have to bloody well deal with….

HOWEVER at the airport he realised that he had forgotten his Ipad mini. A huge surprise for me as I actually thought he has superglued it to his hands and could not be removed. Even more ironically it appeared that this was my fault and it was very important that he explain this to me at a voice level that all the people in the airport terminal could hear and presumably contribute to the conversation – maybe all vote me ‘ worst mother in the world?’


And so it began…fights, doors slammed, sulking, storming off, swearing, shouting and general bad behaviour AND more importantly this was not just me – it was all of us.. the picture of disharmony or just a normal family?!


One week in there is light at the end of the tunnel, bickering has hit and all time low – mainly because I am learning to:


1.keep my mouth shut rather than jump on every sarcastic remark made to me,

2.controlling my motherly instinct to referee each and every inter-sibling arguments and wind up session and

  1. reducing my expectations for the kids to help with anything to zero…


Those who know me well know that keeping my gob zipped is not one of my greatest attributes BUT I have realised that I want to minimise stress, enjoy my time away with my family and basically chill. I also need to understand that my mini adults have very very strong opinions of their own, which they do not hesitate to voice and I need to let them have their own space, their own time and do what they want to do – even if it is watching a box set of ‘Games of Thrones’ rather than running around looking for new beaches to visit each day.. ( BTW they have banned me from watching GOT as the bits I’ve seen while passing through the TV room are sooooo rude they know I would ban then permanently from watching it – Have you seen it – tits and bits EVERYWHERE!


Last night we all went to a Medieval Festival in a castle, watched jousting, singing, dancing, ate a fabulous dinner and rolled in at midnight… not one argument.. Sometimes.. not always,, but sometimes Life is fabulous.. roll on week 2..







  1. orla says:

    Hi Angeli, i had to respond now as I happened upon your website. Great blog(s) and I couldn’t help myself but read the others. Paris, in particular, took me back to our advertising days and the freebie weekend spent on expenses. Haha. Delighted you are doing so well and with a lovely family. All good with me. Nige, of course, plus 2 teenagers and a mad puppy, so totally get it about maddening family behaviour with my own 12 yr old and 16 year old. But we love them regardless….Keep blogging please. Orla.x

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