Teenage Son!…By Angeli

February 26, 2015 • Family, This Is Me • Views: 1137

Saturday started in it usual way… parents up cleaning..walking dog.. popping into town to do some chores grabbing coffee from our gorgeous local café.. then bringing home hot chocolate and croissants for the two teenagers still in bed… bribing them to get up with said drink& food…now around 11am… watching them bring duvets down to sofas in the living room to absorb back to back episodes of Family Guy…
Just about enough time for them to get some jeans on and brush teeth before lunch but son – having sneakily eaten a whole packet of strawberry sweets eats nothing healthy at the table.. then when his dad asks – he refuses to help clear up… then begin to shout… ugrhhhh. He’s too old now to do ‘naughty step’ or ‘go to your room – it contains the welcome distraction of computer, iPod and ipod so what to do?

I had, though I say so myself, an inspirational brainwave! I had the ironing to do so I set everything to iron up lined up a movie on Sky and got to work. I also told my son to sit with me… the film You’ve got Mail…So son had to endure 90 odd minutes of a classic Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romcom. With no violence…flashing lights…car chases or scantily dressed women It had the desired effect of boring the pants off him and totally draining away every drop of fighting resistance and anger . Result! He literally sprinted to II (im Indoors) to apologise….Yah!

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