Summer holidays, work and kids! love Vicki

August 27, 2015 • Family, Guest Blogs • Views: 534

I can guarantee, that as a freelancer and a mother, as soon as any school holiday is on the horizon my phone rings and I get booked for work.

If my diary is looking blank I often think that I should book a holiday so that work will coming flooding in! Last August I had a work drought and decided to go to Devon for a week – the phone started to ring just as I was dusting off my suitcase. I could have worked everyday three times over.

So summer 2015 … The first week of the holidays Daisy was shipped off to my mum aka Granny Annie, for a week as I was working solidly and her dad, a photographer, was working away. We aren’t together but he lives close and adores her so that helps!

Life without Daisy is quiet and tidy … and it’s just a little bit quicker to get out of the house in the morning. I was actually early for work everyday!

I picked up Daisy on Sunday and came home without much of a game plan for the following weeks childcare. My good friend Amy, who is on maternity leave, looked after Daisy on Monday – she came home with an amazing French plait (never been blessed with that ability as have always had shortish hair !) a gold tattoo, painted black Goth nails and a tummy full of sweets …. Perfect day for a 6 yr old !

I called upon another friend to look after D on Friday – this time Aunty Amanda – Daisy’s God mum, who had family from Canada staying, so a trip to the Transport Museum, Changing of the Guard and picnic were the order of the day. Nice !!

The rest of the summer is pretty sorted. Daisy’s dad has conveniently had an op on his arm and can’t work for four weeks.. Perfect timing! He is whisking D off to Italy for a week. Then I’m off to Majorca with her for a few days followed by camping in Dorset with a gaggle of friends to finish the summer off.

Clearly I’m waiting for all the emails and calls from Vogue and Hollywood and I will just have to let them down gently…. Can’t replace a holiday with my little girl for all the tea in China ! I want to make memories … And holidays are so important – no chores – no invoicing – no cleaning – no real life !

As I type this I’m waiting at the passport office to renew Daisy’s passport … (Somehow , somewhere her dad or I have lost it )
If they don’t give me a new one pronto she ain’t going nowhere and I will be in a state of childcare panic.

Juggle juggle juggle !

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