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October 15, 2015 • This Is Me, Uncategorized • Views: 737

Dear All

I started this blog because I felt inspired by the wonderfully strong talented women that I have the joy to have in my life and call friends.

My goal was to create a forum of life, energy and fundamentally fun for women of all shapes sizes and to embrace how different we all are….

I brought together a bunch of my inspirational friends who are all gloriously beautiful, and brimful of wisdom in their own fields of fashion, beauty, food, interiors and family.

Fashion: Amanda Bellan – Ex FD InStyle, Esquire, Times Magazine.

Beauty: Ruby Hammer MBE – Beauty Guru

Food: Nicola Graimes – Best Selling Fresh, healthy food author

Home: Francine Kay – Interiors Stylist

Kids: Gea Pereira – Fashion Editor for Childrens Salon

We all have kids ranging from hardworking 20+, university students, through the unpredictability of teenagers (hands up me!) right down to pre school toddlers.

We are all different and individual but are bound by our desire to look fab, feel great and love life… forever!

The blog is a hobby for me – I have a full time job – but wanted a creative forum for me to let of a little steam, write a little and also share great expert advice from my team to all you out there reading this..

It was never my intention to intrude on anyone’s personal space or time with my blog – it has always meant to be fun but my lovely bloggy/techy set up person has said I should remind you all that if you don’t want any more news you should click the bottom link on the last email you have received from me and unsubscribe…. I obviously hope you don’t but I get lots of emails myself so I get it if you do!! I will not be mortally offended(!)

Right that’s the admin done! Have a wonderful day! Ignore the cold and the rain and stay worm and toasty.. Another fabulous blog later today from our amazing (yet very modest) cookery writer Nicola..

Love Angeli x

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