Shock horror I hate the dentist…Love Angeli.

November 9, 2015 • This Is Me • Views: 739

I actually have a quite personable dentist, he’s South American, witty, we always have a little banter going on and the surgery is squeaky-clean. Shame he looks like Homer Simpson…

But why oh why does going to the dentist always result in terror and pain??? Quite frankly I would swap another no drugs homebirth for never visiting dentist again. – Even tho my daughter nearly was born in the loo (but that’s another story!)   It’s not one particular thing that is bad it’s the whole experience. A waiting room full of terrified patients pretending to reading 10 year old magazines, bright lights glaring into your face as you lie down, the distant Marathon Man movie memory of ‘IS IT SAFE’ drifting in and out of your mind. – urghhh.

For some reason, unknown to me, my trips to the dentist never gets any easier! There is always something wrong with my gob. Even if I go in for a check up he spots a filling that needs to be replaced or a tooth that needs a good scraping. Plus they always NAG don’t they – you haven’t flossed enough or when did you last see a hygienist.. Blah bah. Honestly most dentists I’ve seen in my life have pretty bad breath themselves – I’ve just been too scared to tell them, as they are the one in charge of the ‘drill of death’

I had to go this time because my crown fell out and as it is one of my top front four teeth you can imagine how attractive I looked with just a steel pin sticking down out of my gum rather that a whole tooth. The dentist made the situation a WHOLE lot better by explaining to me that as I am getting older (really?) my gums are receding and the post (the bit the crown holds onto) was becoming loose. Dentists solution – remove existing post, drill into bone, put in new deeper and wider post for new cap. My reaction – terror.

But it had to be done and on Tuesday I spent 2 WHOLE HOURS in the blue chair of death. It seemed to go pretty well. Old post removed. New post attached, temporary cap in place. New cap ready in 10 days. What he didn’t tell me was that I would be in constant pain. I have bulk bought nurfofen plus from my local chemist, self medicated with left over antibiotics (in case there is an infection) and been taking herbal sleeping tablets to conk my self out at night. This is not a good week…

I’m calling them back this morning to see whether to book an emergency appointment – surely this can’t be right?

Urghhhhh the week can only get better…




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