Ruby Hammer MBE gorgeous, genius, guru…Do you want to ask her your question??? Love Angeli

October 25, 2015 • Beauty • Views: 813

In my day job I am Ruby’s agent and I can truly say it is  a true pleasure.. She is beautiful, talented and very caring and nurturing to all those around her. She is also living proof of how looking after yourself holistically, inside and out will keep your body, skin and soul healthy and happy.

So ALWAYS but ALWAYS listen to what she has to say and make sure you follow all her tips that I publish here! Love Angeli

And if there are any burning questions you have always wanted to ask Ruby about your makeup/skincare routine, ask away below  and she’ll answer!.. smokey eyes? winter skin? party glamour? Autumn/Winter catwalk trend? Go on it’s your chance to ask a makeup goddess!

Ruby has told me her top tips for keeping your summer sparkle as the nights draw in – simple but effective:

1. My instant gratifying trick is to start by splashing my face with lots of cool water in the morning – it really helps to get the blood flowing. (And helps wake you up as the mornings get more difficult to get out of bed!)

2. After cleansing Rhoto Cooling Eye drops instantly take away any redness and Creme De La Mer Illuminating Eye Gel reduces puffiness whilst brightening the eye area. When applying eye gel/cream the golden rule is to tap not pull the skin.

3. As eyes are such a giveaway to tiredness always use eyelash curlers and mascara to open your eyes up as much as possible. My favourite curlers are by RMK as they seem to grab every lash widening your eyes immediately.

4. With less sun don’t let your skin take a grey appearance, you can even out your skin tone with a tinted moisturiser, BB or CC cream. There are so many great products explore and experiment to find the one that suits you most from sheer to full coverage, with or without sun protection and colour correction there is something for everyone. You can’t beat trying them on your skin to colour match. Take your time to find the best one for you.

5. Lastly a sweep of blush will give the impression of good health and if you are unsure on which shade to go for a peach / coral shade is the foolproof option great for warming up the complexion. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Maui is definitely one used a lot  in my professional makeup kit but my personal choice would be chocolate cherry it’s intensely pigmented but really easy to blend.

Happy Sunday! Love Ruby xx



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