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I had a horrible day yesterday. If I’m honest it started off pretty pleasantly. Hubby had driven off at ridiculous-o-clock to pick on some supersonic TV he had bought from Poole (2.5 hour drive each way). He did try to explain it was HD/could connect to the internet/10 inch bigger screen but honestly who cares? We’ve already got a big TV.. Boys and their toys..

Anyway with him on the road and with the kids not up yet I had some valuable me time. I took the doggie for a walk, went to get papers, croissants and coffee and sat down at the kitchen table, read the blind date article in the Saturday guardian magazine ( they always hate each other!) and caught up with the overnight news from Paris.

The calm before the storm.

I can’t even relate the chaos of the day chronologically; it was all a blur of one huge argument between everyone. But suffice to say the entire day was a frigging nightmare.

  1. Arguments with teenage son to get off ipad x 10+ times
  2. Argument with some to clean his room 3+ times
  3. Arguments with son to brush his teeth and his face x 5+ times
  4. Arguments with son to change out of his pajamas x 10 times (he never did – ALL DAY)
  5. Arguments with son to do his homework 3+ times ‘(it’s only bloody reading mum’ ). He read while watching his ipad.
  6. Arguments with son to not take food (I have made for him) up to his room, then not actually eat it because he is distracted playing XBOX and then leave it on his bedroom floor x 2
  7. Argument with daughter because ‘ she had to let me in the house after I’d walked the dog I forgot to take house keys) because she has to get off off the sofa and stop watching TV.
  8. Argument with my daughter because she swore at her dad.
  9. Argument with my daughter for hitting her brother
  10. Argument with my son for teasing his sister.
  11. Argument with my daughter when I asked her to put away to three baskets of ironing that I has done..
  12. Argument with my daughter when I asked to help with lunch (apparently ”it’s not her job”)

Shall I go on? – I’m really not doing this parenting thing right at the moment…Either that or Kevin and Perry have come to live in my house…

I need a holiday – on my own! Bah humbug..

Love Angeli xx

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