Passage through India – by my sis Veena.. love Angeli x

July 31, 2015 • Guest Blogs • Views: 772

My lovely sister Veena and my beautiful niece Molly are having a grand adventure in India this summer and Veena is going to share their travels to us all over the next few weeks.. dont you just love mother daughter bonding over a curry! Angeli xx

Here we go..

Despite everyone saying what a great place India is, nothing can prepare for the sheer vibrancy of the place. Hustle and bustle everywhere – clashing colour on clothes, buildings and lorries. The mixture of majestic heritage scenery with utter squalor – India has it all.

First stop, New Delhi, right in the Main Bazaar- a shock to the senses for sure. Our first experience of the intense heat is enough to send us gratefully to an air- conditioned room but we ventured out to Connaught Place the next day to book our tour. Looking forward to Kashmir the most – staying on a house boat and there should be lots of stunning scenery to enjoy.  Today we  explored lots of heritage buildings like Humayun’s tomb (above), the Bahia temple ( lotus flower shaped), Qtub tower and India Gate ( bit like the Delhi Arc de Triomphe). Their intricate construction is quite amazing.

We’ve embraced Indian cuisine straightaway with a veg curry in The Hot Chimney , recommended by our driver, Lali. Authentic tastes and authentic prices. A hectic but enjoyable day!


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