ooh la la Amanda succumbs to the Breton top! xx

June 18, 2015 • Fashion • Views: 1492

I’ve finally bought the classic Breton striped top! Eek! I always associated them with yummy mummy’s or French families on a sailing holiday!!! Slightly boring and not really stylish in anyway…..But i took the step and they are super cool!

it’s all in how you style it up!  The Breton needs a serious attitude! I half tuck mine in to my distressed jeans and add a cool rocker studded belt. I stretched the sleeves so they sit over my hands and finish off my look with my old biker boots or on sunnier days my Grecian sandals or if I’m feeling particularly sexy(!) some fierce heels. Anything goes with them so have fun, be risqué and give your Breton a personality. I promise it will love you back!

there are lots of places you can get a cool Breton top – these are my favs but if you want to add to the list please let us know!

Petit Bateau – the classic!

J Crew – gorgeous and great quality. Down from £45 to £31 in the sale..

Gap – of course!

Coggles – this YMC one is black/cream for all you divas who still cant tear themselves away from black!

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