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September 17, 2015 • Food & Interiors • Views: 609

Small is beautiful

I love a good gadget, but just don’t have the storage space for any more kitchen kit and, quite frankly, unless it really rocks my boat I’ve decided I can live without it. How many of us have been tempted over the years to buy some whizzy kitchen tool to use it just the once and then resign it to the back of the cupboard to be forgotten?

Spiralizing has been big news in raw food circles for some years and thanks to the Hemsley sisters has gone pretty mainstream since, but who wants to invest at least thirty pounds in a machine that takes up precious kitchen space and doesn’t do much more than turn courgettes and beetroot into pretty spiral strips?

I changed my mind when I discovered the mini spiralizer, which is a fraction of the size and less than half the cost of others on the market. What’s more, its dinky size doesn’t mean it is any less efficient at swirling those veg – I’ve discovered it can even cope dense vegetables, such as sweet potatoes and raw beetroot.

But, for me, perhaps the biggest selling point is its size – my cupboards are already bursting with kitchen stuff, but there’s always room for a tiny one!








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