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There was masses going on this week… I had a birthday, (as you know!). I had a tearful midnight agony aunt conversation with a girlfriend whose husband had run off with his 30 year old golf partner where copious tears were shed by us both and I left the conversation so dreadfully sad for her and her loss…I’d actually not know anything about until I had, quite by chance, bumped into her husband in a London bar earlier that day  and he told me that they had amicably split.. that we should have lunch together… yadda yadda yadda.. I smelled an incy wincy rat (as we girls do) and contacted the wife to make sure she was good too. She wasn’t – hence the midnight face-timing…

Also my twice divorced brother dipped his toe into online dating and met a gorgeous girl… Third time lucky?! I hope so he’s such a lovely guy..And its sooo sweet his sharing his dating anecdotes with me! Sibling bonding rocks at any age.

Finally and very importantly, we bought one of those huge wooden cupboard things that you put your bin and recycling tubs inside. Not super exciting to you I suspect but for me it was brilliant.. No more foxes dragging bottles across my lawn and tearing open bin bags that you cant fit into the bin   I mean what’s with the council’s ‘one bin per household’ rule – you should get one per person when you harbor teenagers – although granted they do appear to keep most of their crap on their bedroom floor… And thanks god no more tut tutting noises of nosy people when they walk past and see how many wine bottles are crammed into that tiny tiny glass recycling box…

Anyhooo, if you’ve been a reader of the blog for a while you will know that I have a very wonderful friend called Paula who, totally out of the blue collapsed with a brain aneurism early this year. It was life or death for a long time. Induced coma, major brain surgery and slow slow recovery. She is still in hospital rehab but making amazing progress.

She can speak pretty well now – the power in her voice is returning, as is her impish sense of humour and cheeky smile. She is beginning to eat solids – which is a major step (she keeps asking me to bring her chocolate!) and the biggest tell that she is on the road to recovery is that she is always bored. Her super sharp mind is back in gear and she wants to be stimulated, entertained and generally start getting her life into gear…

I usually get my news from Andrew, her hubby, we speak once a week and he fills me in on the goss! But this week something strange happened. My phone rang and Paula’s name came up..I tentatively answered only to hear in a soft sexy northern tone ‘hiya Ange”. Cue tears! She called me! I’m not speechless often but I was then. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Best moment of my week. And with her hair growing strongly now after they shaved her heard for the surgery, vanity prevails ( woo hoo) and she had her highlights done!

It’s still a long way to go.. she can’t walk and has limited movement on her right hand side. She’s moving to a specialist rehab place at the end of the month so progress will step up in pace. But she wants so hard to go home to her husband I know that the instinctive guts and determination she has shown all her life will shine through. Target – Home for Xmas- if just for a day…GO PAULA…  Love Angeli x



  1. What a week love!!!

    Loved reading about Paula and seeing the pics,, further proves our girl is a fighter and will continue to recover.

    #GoPaula !!!

    Danny x

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