My teenage son’s bedroom PM (pre-mum) and AM (after-mum). Love Angeli..

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For all you lucky people out there with pre-teenage boys I envy you and feel sorry for you at the same time. It may be all fun and hugs at the moment byt you have no idea what is going to hit you (big time) when their voice begins to break, their legs begin to resemble a orangutan and they no longer want a ‘mummy cuddle’ – the hardest thing to deal with (boo hoo). Plus they go back in time to Neanderthal man, grunts, gesticulation and poor eating habits are all I experience from my 14 year old. The rest of the time he is cooped up – in the dark – in his bedroom playing computer games. He emerges late at night to forage for food that he eats just before bedtime and leaves all the wrappers, plates and glasses scattered around the room for the ‘fairy cleaner’ to tidy up….ARGHHHH.


I do try to get him to clean his room, gentle cajoling, shouting, and threats.. the whole gamut. Nothing works; no one gets upset except me. So this Saturday morning when I could be doing something relaxing I have dropped him off at school for a rugby match and come back and tidied his room. I totally get that it’s the wrong thing to do. I know that its bad parenting and I’m teaching him bad habits. And ultimately I know that he’s playing me. But giving up half an hour of my time has made me fee happier and more serene. And although I may sound like a sad sap, I love my house being tidy and being able to see the floor in each room. – Is that really so bad??


Love Angeli xx




2 Responses to My teenage son’s bedroom PM (pre-mum) and AM (after-mum). Love Angeli..

  1. Pepe says:

    joy! you forgot mention that delightful funky teen boy smell and an uncanny ability to forget to put on deodorant

    • admin says:

      Ah Pepe, I’ve been and gone thru the deodorant saga – he wears it now – think there must be a girl he fancies at school! xxA

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