My night at the Museum with 4 little ladies.. By Gea X

April 29, 2015 • Kids • Views: 648

This year for my daughter, Polly’s birthday I decided not to go full out with the usual OTT birthday celebrations. Every year since she turned one I have burned the candle at both ends to make sure she had the best homemade parties.

People have often commented on how “amazing “they have always been, and why “oh why did you put yourself through so much trouble ” but I guess it gave me immense pleasure!

We have had a Wild West theme, we have had Circus, Safari, Tie-dye, Camping, and An Alice In Wonderland tea party (which was back breaking!)

Imagine what fun the teapot cake was to make…….


This year in August, my first-born will be 11, and entering a whole new stage in her life with senior school beckoning.

When I saw that that the British Museum was doing a sleepover around the theme of the film, A night at the Museum 3 (which btw was filmed here) I thought that this might indeed be a great way for Polly to celebrate her birthday and a way for me to take a break from the usual mayhem surrounding the whole party business…….


Little did I know that I would be required to spend the night there too…….

We were not allowed more than 5 people in our group…. And one of those 5 had to be an adult…. Me…?


I was dreading the thought of it, but I must say it was one of the most enjoyable, strange and tiring things I’ve ever done.

Hats off to the British Museum they really know how to hold the attention and imagination of some of the most overexcited kids I’ve had the pleasure in meeting.

We made a tablet of Akmunra in one work shop, chased a man dressed as a wooly mammoth in another, heard Iranian fables told by a mesmerising lady playing an accordion and then walked about just before midnight with a very entertaining volunteer who showed us a select few artifacts which featured in the film as well as enlightened us with a brief history of each.

We were told to go to our sleeping bags, as it was time for the museum to come alive…


The floor was hard and the hall was noisy but no statues came alive much to my approval.


We were all up again at 6, reluctantly, and full of aches we had our breakfast, had a quick 10 mins in the gift shop and we were on our way out the door passing the general public on their way in.


Now there may have been less for me to do but I still felt as knackered as I do after a party and so my conclusion must be whether you throw a party yourself or go somewhere else it’s always going to be draining… But enjoyable!


The British Museum organises sleepovers for their Young Friends through out the year.

Check out the website for details.




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