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I am absolutely the first to admit that I am an old fogey where it comes to social media.. Quite ironic really as I spend 99% of my working day in front of a computer and am writing this for my own blog…

I’ve not quite comes to terms with whether I’m afraid of the ever changing world of twitter/instagram/facebook/pinterest or really if I’m not that interested?? That said I totally get that there are lots of things out there that we can learn and this appears to be reinforced by my childrens noses being glued to their instagram feeds and watching VLOGS on you tube…

I am not ashamed to say I have personally benefited from this as my wise teenage daughter has dragged me out, many a time, to Boots to peruse the makeup shelves in search of the latest smoky eyeshadow/white nail polish/ waterproof mascara.. etc etc – you get the drill…

Any hoooo she showed me two fab products that visually appear to be targeted to the teenage market but which have miraculously made their way into my makeup bag..

BABY SKIN PRIMER – amazingly this has outsted my favourite – Laura Mercier primer! It’s way cheaper and does the job brilliantly – sweeps on like a dream – super smooth – perfect under the lightweight ‘no makeup –makeup’ that I champion.

Here’s the science-y bit from Maybelline..

Maybelline’s first ever pore refining primer, which disguises the appearance of enlarged pores creating

a perfectly smooth canvas without clogging the skin. Unlike some pore minimisers that leave skin feeling greasy, Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser is a light-weight and breathable transparent gel that refines the skins complexion, giving instant radiance for a subtle youthful looking glow. Our lightweight formula’s blurring spheres diffuse light for an even looking texture.

Our Secret? Baby Skin contains cherry extracts known for their antioxidant properties and has a fragrance free formula.

It’s so gentle it is even suitable for sensitive skin. In a world where high definition pictures are at a premium, skin should

never look less than perfect. Baby skin gives you instant beautifying effects that show.

How does it work?

On contact, the translucent gel primer melts onto the skin and instantly erases the appearance

of pores, to give you immediate baby skin effect. The mattifying formula keeps skin feeling and looking baby soft, promoting the staying power of your foundation and help your makeup look smooth and flawless throughout the day. What’s more, the formula is so light you’ll forget its on…

BABY LIPS – OMG what an invention – I use this every day.. it moisturises your lips with a hint of colour so you don’t look either too pale or too made up at the same time. Perfect…

Science-y bit again

In just one application, Baby Lips Lip Balm instantly moisturises lips and continues to provide hydration for up to eight hours. The balms are made up of a blend of moisturising ingredients, including aloe, honey and a high concentration of shea butter.

Lips will be transformed into feeling truly soft, almost like babies skin. The formula is infused with our exclusive concentrate extracted from the Centella Asiatica plant, which boosts the look and feel of lips, keeping them smooth and supple. The active care ingredients deliver moisture, softness and even smoothes the appearance of fine lines.

And unbelievably Baby Skin is only £7.99 anbd Baby Lips are £2.99 so can spoil yourself and go  mad and buy the whole range! Don’t say I didn’t warn you – you’ll be addicted!





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