My date with Terence Stamp.. by Angeli x

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There are lots of bubbles in life I like, the luxuriant fragrant one I tip into my bath, the sexy ones inside champagne (well Proseco these days!), the ones I put into my mini party bubble machine for my doggie to catch (and completely exhaust himself!). And finally my daily tipple Diet Coke…

Diet Coke is even better these days as its launched a campaign of ‘Regret Nothing’ which is to inspire women to embrace their impulsive side…For me it endorses my way of life and… I’m definitely a ‘nothing ventured..’ kinda gal and it also gets the grey cells moving around the memories of my youth remembering how darned impulsive I was..

Whilst sadly – or maybe not so sadly –  there are some rather naughty stories in my checkered past, one does spring to mind that fits the Diet Coke “impulsista’s attitude to love & relationships..

It’s all about the journey, seizing an opportunity and not worrying about the destination. We’re living in a choice era so you need this attitude to handle all the choices and not get paralysed by them.”

So here we go…

Many many years ago I had just moved to London after university and started work in the big smoke… I think at the time I was working for a small advertising agency in Soho, Golden Square to be exact and it was the age of opulence then, 5 hour lunches, cabs home every day.. ..basically excess ruled! Anyhoo…I was sitting the tube one day and felt like I was being watched across the aisle..just a feeling but you kinda know don’t you? I was reading so tried to play it cool and look up surreptitiously.. My eyes were met by THE most piercing blue eyes ever it the history of the universe – ever.. period. It was like a laser locked me it! He smiled.. I smiled. I looked back down. The journey continued and every time a sneaked a look (you would wouldn’t you?!) His laser eyes were still locked in…Finally at Green Park he got up to leave but he handed me a piece of paper as he left…Terence Stamp and a phone number. Cue stomach lurching, heart racing, pulse jumping moment…

I carried onto work trying to summon up the courage to be impulsive and call to take the amazing opportunity right in front of me! When I got into the office I sat down, took a deep breath and place my phone in front of me to call him….absolute disaster… I’d lost the piece of paper somewhere between Green Park and the office via Pret a Manger.. All was lost…

So here’s where the Impulsista in me kicked in… I sent a letter to his agent saying I had met Terrence and if he would like to see me again that would be lovely.

A handwritten answer from Terence was couriered over to me asking me to meet him one lunchtime in Green Park. I did. What happened is for another time.. Another blog…Watch this space!…




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  1. Janet Mudge says:

    Love this post, so much of it really resonates with me. Hurry up with the rest of the Terence Stamp story! Janet

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