Music Festival-fear…at 40 something! By Vicki xx

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We are always open to guest blogs and our inaugural contributor is the very lovely Vicki Hillman, a very talented fashion stylist. She covering the topic of  going to festivals when you are 40 plus… Personally I worry less about the music and more about what I wear and what the loo facilities are like (tip always carry pack of Kleenex and bottle of handwash!) here’s Vicki’s take on the experience! Angeli xx
My boyfriend bought Field Day festival tickets for my birthday.
‘FUN!’ I thought. But when I perused the line-up, it was anything but music to my ears. I had actually heard of none of the bands. My NME reading days are well and truly over, but I like to think that I’m down with the kids….clearly not. This is when my festival-fear kicked in….does 40 something mean over-the-hill for a festival?
I have been to many-a-festival: Reading, Glastonbury, V, Bestival….and have loved them all…well, with the exception of a hideously muddy Glastonbury. I cried when I found a fat slug in my biker boot….it was the final straw after a very wet few days camping…definitely not glamping.
So, I planned my outfit the morning of the festival and opted for sensible and hopefully stylish. It was a perfect English summer day – so Zara kaftan printed top (floaty and cool), dark khaki shorts (won’t show up grass stains from sitting on the floor), gold slip on Vans (sensible footwear is a must to protect toes from enthusiastic stomping crowds), a denim jacket and a straw trilby…job done.
With trepidation we headed East on the overground and made our way to Victoria Park. My fears subsided quickly as my friends and I didn’t stand out from the crowd or look like an OAP outing to Eastbourne!
We stepped through the turnstiles, and I found myself in utter heaven! As a stylist, and a nosy parker, I love nothing more than a spot of people watching. Festivals bring out the best and worst in the Great British public. Prime example, my boyfriend has a’ festival only vest’, on any other day of the year it looks like a pink wife-beater…but mixed in with 30,000 festival goers….it kinda worked. The crowd was eclectic. Stunning girls who looked like they had stepped out of Grazia’s ‘What to wear at a festival guide’ with floppy hats, flowing locks, hippy dresses, anything suede and tassely. Conversely, and slightly more fun to watch, the girls wearing all in one lycra catsuits, or the bride-to- be in her wedding veil. The poncho-wearing group of middle class boys, sipping from a plastic bottle of red wine on the dance floor, was one of my favourite sights!
How was the music I hear you cry?  Actually pretty good….I’ve discovered two new bands, so might pop down to Our Price and buy their albums. Joke!….I will be getting my 6 year old daughter to help me download them from Itunes of course!
And what’s next this summer? Well, I’m taking my daughter Daisy to see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park, (I’m as excited as she is!) and tonight I’ve got a date with Gary, Mark and Howard….Take That are in town. Could it be magic? Maybe!!


Ps from Angeli – love this blog – not sure I’m quite sure about the boyfriends vest looking good tho! – anyone else got some festival experiences and survival tips?! Angeli xx

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  1. Malin says:

    Every moment hear your views on life is music to my ears! Love u bb!! From Florens with love, Malin

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