Mix 40+, 5 foot 2 and a whole load of coffee coloured skin.. Love Angeli xx

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So I’m not ashamed to say I’m no spring chicken and sadly I’m nowhere near tall enough to grace the fashion pages in glossy monthly mags! Plus I am supremely proud to say I’m a woman of colour….

All these things combined – I don’t think I’m that very untypical of many many women in the country today. Not too young, not too tall and a lovely medley of ethnicity.

Fashion wise I’m time poor – as a full time working mum, I need to look good for the office and client meetings, I need my off duty /weekend wear. I need my ‘going out’ outfits (sadly rarely worn) and I need my relax at home aka ‘slob-out gear… Phew!

I try to shop investment pieces – promise – but I’m also a total
magpie and shiny/sparkly/sequin things are my downfall… Shopping is part designer (when budgets allow) high street (99.9% Zara) and Ebay.

Personally I think that getting older means getting more savvy. For me it’s checking out the trends – ie knowing what is going on out there – but carefully selecting what suits me before I spend spend spend..

Take the current fashion trend BOHO – you can’t open a mag or look at a trendy website with out seeing fringed bags, ponchos, floppy hats and suede knee high boots… looks great on the 5’10 model with matchstick legs and that natural looking beach wave hair thingy going on that no one else can do apart from professional hairdressers
(believe me I’ve tried many times..) But for a 5 foot nothing ball of brownness like me I would seriously look like a hobbit off to Mordor to destroy the ring – I have no doubt..

So for what its worth I’m going to start showing you what I wear from my designer/high street/ebay combo. My style is classic with a twist. Never boring, always comfortable and never mutton…

So to create your statement outfit my tips are combine..

1. Designer
2. High street
3. Ebay
4. Investment

Sooo here’s my outfit today – I’m rocking Double Denim..

1. Designer – Isabel Marant Dicker Boots
2. High Street – Zara denim shirt and Gap jeans
3. & 4. Tiffany T bracelet. I bought it on Ebay for £120 – it had a small dent in it… I took it to my local jeweller who took out the dent for £12. Total £132 for a £795 Tiffany bracelet – job done!

More to come!



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