Make an Easter Tree by Gea x

March 31, 2015 • Family, Kids • Views: 40740

Since moving to the countryside this will be our first Easter in our new home. The girls are giddy with the prospect of going on an Easter Egg hunt and anything easter is met with extreme enthusiasm. So on a blustery Sunday afternoon we took a walk into our local wood, Derring Wood, in search of the perfect branch. What you ideally want is a branch with multiple side branches, should one cannot be found it is possible to use several single branches. After an hour we had our perfect branch! Once back home we painted the branch white, I used Annie Sloan chalk paint as it is very quick drying but any paint will do. We bought white polystyrene eggs from Hobby Craft (http:// of-3/591575-1000) and then the fun began, we painted , glittered, beaded , and stuck spots stickers on the eggs. This exercise kept my two busy for hours.

I then pinned ribbons into the tops of the eggs and Voila!! Hanging egg decorations! We then hung the eggs on the painted tree and place the tree inside an old rusty enamel jug. Now , all I need to do is make some Easter bunting, but thats a whole other story…..


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