kids and gigs, Vicki and Daisy rock and roll at Taylor Swift gig! x

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Our resident Rock Chick Vicki and her gang of girlfriends and their daughters went to see Taylor Swift this weekend..Fun was had by all! Read on! Angeli x

I think I came up with the best Christmas present ever for my 6 year old daughter Daisy…tickets to see Taylor Swift!  The love affair started when Daisy was a fan of One Direction and Harry and Taylor split…Daisy took Taylor’s side and One Direction, along with their pencil cases, pajamas and packed lunch box became a thing of the past.
The only catch was having to wait six months for the concert…June 27th finally came!
We made it a girls day out –  two of my best friends – Amanda, and Amy – Amy’s daughter, Scarlett, aged 9 and Freya,  whose mum is a friend and was working at the concert and got her an access all areas wristband, not bad for an 8 year old!
Daisy decided to wear her black sequin prom dress which comes out for special occasions. I personally would have preferred something slightly less OTT – but with her little trainers and aviator sunglasses she was rocking the Lily Allen look of years gone by and looked cute. I wore a denim Top Shop tunic from last summer and a festival-special kaftan top, bargain buy in the Zara sale, £19.99.  My bag weighed  a tonne… packed with crisps, crackers, digestive biscuits, peanut butter sandwiches, water, anti bacterial gel, wet wipes, jumpers, leggings, jackets…everything but the kitchen sink! Always be prepared….dib-dib dob-dob!
We came out of Marble Arch tube station to a massive throng of party people. Taylor’s concert coincided with Gay Pride – so London was one big party! My only fear was loosing one of the kids. Hands were held tight! On walking through the ticket barrier at Hyde Park we were approached by a lovely lady who said there would be a 65,000+ crowd and prehaps we would like a wristband for the kids with our phone numbers on  – BRILLIANT IDEA…and something I will adopt for future expeditions.
The girls were so excited. Daisy said it wasn’t what she was expecting though – she thought there would be seats and cushions! Soldier on she did…Within the first hour the kids hair had been streaked with coloured chalks, glow in the dark face paint applied, a wristband that would flash when it got dark had been placed on all our wrists ( a personal gift from Taylor for every member of the crowd), Taylor T shirts purchased, a few fairground rides were ridden, followed by chips, chips and more chips. An exercise in money hemorrhaging.
It seemed to be that the majority of the 65,000 crowd were in front of us, but we chose a spot in front of a huge screen – a bit like watching TV in your garden with a lot of neighbours! Taylor came on and belted out the tunes and costume changes galore. Sequins and sparkles ruled….my favourite was a green sequined bomber jacket  for her opening number, and a Swarovski crystal incrusted burlesque one piece for the song ‘Style’. As Taylor strutted down the catwalk she introduced some of her best friends, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Serena Williams, and Cara Delevingne who stole the show waving a Union Jack on a flag pole! Every photo I took was blurred…think I got a little over excited! And as the night got darker our wrists band began to flash – fun!
Taylor loves her fans…and like Chris Martin from Coldplay enjoyed a one-way conversation with all of us present. She spoke about love, life, emotions, 80’s movies…..did I see tears in her eyes ? At which point Daisy shouted , ‘Taylor sing another song please’…that’s my girl! Over two hours of music, dancing and carrying children on my shoulders, it was all over. We were all on a high and skipped down Oxford Street and got the train home. It was midnight by the time I put the key in the door. I was exhausted, Daisy was buzzing. Her Taylor T shirt was worn to bed, wristband still flashing placed under her pillow. The last words she muttered before she fell asleep….’I want Taylor’!
Well, quite frankly, I want to be Taylor!!



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