Jodphur & Udalpur on Veena’s travels…. x

August 26, 2015 • Guest Blogs • Views: 713

Jodphur – The Blue City

It was a long journey from Jaipur to Jodphur, not helped by dodgy tummies which we think were caused by Lali’s dinner suggestion – malai kofta. Ahem. Anyway after an ok sleep, I was ok to visit Mehrangarh Fort whilst Moll needed a little more rest. This fort is super impressive with highly decorated rooms inside which are a sight to behold; it’s being maintained brilliantly also. Afterwards I visited Umaid Bhawan Place, the current Raj of Rajhastan’s residence – very regal indeed. Moll had recovered enough by the anoon for a spot of shopping in the Old City – we’ll more like window shopping, though there weren’t many windows as local shopping consists of small ‘ stalls’ open at the front. Pile ’em high is definitely the motto!















Short stay in Ranakpur ( small village) then on to Udaipur.  Roads are initially hilly with lush greenery  and we stop at one point to see monkeys being fed at the roadside with roti!! They seem very tame and grateful?. Good point  to talk about Indians and their driving; there is only one word- mental. No one sticks to the lanes, in fact in some roads there are no lanes despite 3/4 lanes being entirely possible. Constant horns; cows actually lying nonchalantly in the middle of the road; incessant braking and split second decision making; no use of indicators ; cars driving the wrong way up a carriageway because their are no turn offs etc etc etc. Shockingly the numerous motorcycle riders don’t always bother with helmets AND whole
families ride pillion eg. toddler at the front, Dad driving and Mum sitting side saddle holding baby!!! Not for the faint hearted indeed! 



















Udaipur day 2

Went to see some of the famous sights in Udaipur today and we were accompanied by our guide called Mansingh, who was very informative and certainly kept us entertained. By the way, we’ve been off the curries since recent dodgy tummies so details on Indian meals are few and far between at the mo, though Moll has been on a sort of dal quest.

Anyway, Udiapur boasts the most amazing palace which Mansingh told us about in super detail. Such ornate decorations – just stunning. After the Palace we went on a boat ride around Lake Pichola and landed on a small island with another palace on that has been converted to a hotel – not for mere mortals now it seems, you have to have real wonga! We were going to visit Monsoon Palace also but ironically it was closed because of the….. monsoon. So instead we looked round some recreated local buildings and Mansingh answered our questions about Indian society, customs and characteristics etc – very interesting.




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