“I’ve gone all Gucci Granny”…… By Amanda

October 30, 2015 • Fashion • Views: 931



Is it a midlife crisis? DEFINITELY NOT! Are they cool? WHO KNOWS! Will my husband like them? I DONT THINK SO! I however love them! They are my new Granny shoes on steroids thanks to Gucci!No I'm not a Granny Slightly collegiate with a retro feel and being a mummy they are fashionable, comfortable and practical!
No I'm not a GrannyI will not be teaming them with a pleated skirt like the Gucci girls, as I’m too old to carry off the Royal Tenenbaums

No I'm not a GrannyVibe…. and for some reason Barbara Woodhouse Springs to mind! “Walkies!”

www.gucci.com £420


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