I’ve been drinking… By Nicola x

May 13, 2015 • Family, Food & Interiors • Views: 971

Remember PLJ? I was recently given a bottle of the intensely lemony juice-cum-squash and half expected it to sit in the cupboard untouched, but it has been a huge hit in our house – especially with my youngest who loves all things citrusy (I’m convinced it’s something to do with all those grapefruits I ate while pregnant). The big plus for me is that PLJ is entirely sugar free (no artificial sweeteners either), unheard of when it comes to squashes. I rarely buy them, preferring to give to my kids diluted fresh fruit juice or water – much to their ballyhoo – but fizzy water with a splash of PLJ is my healthy version of ‘lemonade’ and what’s more it’s a good source of vitamin C, too. I get it from healthy food brands ..check it out!


Great post from Nicola – What is your favourite drink from the past?

I remember loving Corona fizzy orange – the truck used to come to your house – anyone remember that?? Angeli x



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