It’s my birthday – wanna see what I got?…Love Angeli x

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Yes it really is my birthday today… still up at 6.30am to get the kids ready for school and greeted by dark skies and pouring rain as I drew back the bedroom curtains…I hate this time of year when you begin to switch the lights on when you wake up and its oh so difficult to get out of a snuggly warm bed…

I traipsed downstairs to make a cup of tea to find a dining room table adorned with lots of presents and cards – lucky me- and I thought I’d share a few of my delights with you.. Mum’s birthday card… it’s an in-family joke that my mum always sends the ‘poem’ cards, bedecked with butterflies, teddies or both… Love getting them, love reading them and never want to stop getting them.


  1. Card from my son – about drinking too much…ouch


  1. Card from my daughter about fibbing about my age. double ouch..


Then on to presents – all gorgeous, all thoughtful and all very insightful. It was magic-land, like my hubby could read my mind and totally get all the perfect gifts I would buy for myself… Ah that is what complete harmony of minds 20 years together brings I thought tearfully…



But then as I opened a few presents I began to see a pattern, a sly and cunning theme.. these were all things on my ebay watch list!!! The cheeky bugger had gone into my account and just bought things from there!!


  1. Mala beads.. this was the giveaway.. who would know I wanted some Mala beads and also in particular jade ones?

the penny well and truly dropped..


  1. Vintage Kokeshi doll – I started collecting these in Australia.. haven’t got many but want to get more so tick on the ebay wish list


  1. Isabel Marant top – this is a good one! I had on watch 2 sizes – one my normal size and one size bigger. Last week I noticed my size had gone so I bought the bigger one myself.

Unbeknown to me hubby had bought the right size so now I have 2!! And it was the same seller – sending them both to the same address..they must have has a right laugh! Madness!!


Then finally there were some thoughtful other non ebay inspired presents..




2, YOU ARE GETTING FAT –GET DOWN THE GYM WOMAN – adidas training gearIMG_1604


and finally


3.YOU ARE JUST PLAIN OLD WOMAN – heated fleece blanket to snuggle under…



But you know I love them all… a lot of care, thought and love went into each and every gift…More than can be said about the wrapping. Hubby ran out of sellotape and true to his handyman tendencies out came the gaffer tape!



Have a lovely day out there everyone – I will Angeli


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6 Responses to It’s my birthday – wanna see what I got?…Love Angeli x

  1. Amelia says:

    What lovely presents!
    Have a wonderful day Angeli. I hope you get spoilt rotten xx

  2. Susie Staples says:

    LOL. Your husband is adorable and i give him 10/10 for effort. Hang on to that one..Susie xx

  3. Happy Birthday darling one, fab to see you getting spoilt by the familia!!!

    Lots of love xox

    P.S. I have not forgotten the Gucci bag ;-))

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