I’m gonna bid at my local antique auction – fun to be had!….go try it out! Love Angeli x

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I think when I was a child I thought auctions were always for posh, rich people who lived in London and went to Sotheby’s and Christies. Consequently auctions were never really on my radar.. Plus- if I’m honest- for me, back then shiny and new beat old and used hands down each and every time. Who would want to own things people had sat on, eaten off or basically contaminated? It’s a no brainer surely??

But as I’ve gotten older so have my taste for older things – AKA vintage… and my fear/trepidation for auction and auctions house is also a thing of the past. In fact I highly recommend finding out where your local venue is and making the effort to go to take a look see. Specialist sales are usually too expensive for me but weekly/general sales are lots of fun.. A real mixture of the weird and the wonderful, Stuffed animals next to Wedgewood tea sets, deco clocks nestling up to a box full of random jewellery. Often you can see the result of house clearances.. Boxes full of memories, old postcards, vintage furs and well loved delicate dolls – I always find these thing particularly poignant, wondering why are they being sold and not staying in the family? We’ll never find out..



Auction houses very often have viewings on Saturday morning fresh to press – I scurried along to my local auction house, Gorringes in Lewes to have a nose and see what took my fancy. Lots of amazing things, taxidermy birds to diamond rings (cheekily tried a couple on- you have to don’t you!) Antique bagpipes to ostrich feather fans.. Too much to choose from.. it was fun.. it was something hubby and I do together and it was a chilled way to enjoy a Saturday morning drinking coffee and auction ‘window shopping’ I high recommend you try it out! Or even better tell me about the places you go to so I can add them to my list!

Here are some pics from my adventure and on Monday morning I will be bidding on…


  1. SET OF 7 CHEMIST DRAWS – just my style…..
  4. ROWING OARS – would look fab propped up in a room corner…GOR

Wish me luck!

have a fab rest of your weekend!






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  1. Esther says:

    Goodluck with the bidding,love the chemist drawers.

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