I admit sometimes its too exhausting to do it all! Angeli x

September 14, 2015 • This Is Me • Views: 873

So the blog has been off the radar for the last few weeks.. Summer holidays, and seemingly being the sole source of entertainment for my children have led to holidays being slightly torturous (I know I shouldn’t say that but its pretty hard when you have to work full time as well…) I’m not entirely sure when kids lost the opportunity to just run around in a field or build caves from blankets and the back of a sofa but those days are well and truly over and, playing games/reading a book/helping around the house (ha ha!) appear have the same appeal as eating a dead slug….

Kiddy life appears to be about stealth movement around the house finding a screen to watch, be it ipad, laptop, Xbox or TV. Once they are moved on from one, they pad barefoot and in their daytime pyjama attire to find the next one.. This routine manages to fill all their waking hours. ( not that many as they don’t get up before noon)

I understand I have provided said screens and could therefore be labeled a technology enabler but I still remember the good old days when my brother, sister and I were left top our own devices all summer as our mum worked full time.. We played inside.. then fought, played in the garden, then fought, burned out fingers trying to make lunch, then fought, finally collapsing with the physical exertion of it all and slept like babies.. Ah those were the days..

Anyway I digress, sorry for the silence – that will all change! Lots of exciting new ideas are bursting forth from my overfilled brain and me and my gorgeous partners in crime at A&Co are really looking forward to sharing! Onwards and Upwards! Angeli


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