How to be a glamorous mum in Ibiza! love Amanda x

August 4, 2015 • Fashion, Kids, Uncategorized • Views: 814

Billy is now a grown up 2 and for the second year we are returning to the wonderful Agro Can Gall hotel in the north of Ibiza. It was where we got married, ( note from Angeli – one of the most wonderful weddings ever! x) Billy  learned to walk here  and so it  has lots of very happy memories for us. It’s a very chilled vibe and so it’s more of an understated low key fashion than try hard I’m off to Salinas scene!

So my dilemma was having just worked on a huge freelance job for M&S there was no time to shop and all my summer stuff I realised is over 10 years old!!! So I’ve done all my shopping via the beaches and restaurants of Ibiza! Genius!

A neon necklace and kaftan from Salinas. A cool Aztec top from Bennaris beach! I found an amazing jewellery designer at Cicales restaurant and I have my super cool pom-poms sandals from Greece. A straw hat from the local supermarket and a typical straw basket from San Joan hardware store!!! Bennaris even has super cool markets  so I followed the fashion vibe of the  kids and got a gold stick on tattoo! Simple really….and not expensive! Now I just have to handle sticky, sandy ice cream 2 year old fingers!!! That’s more of a challenge!

We LOVE Ibiza and here are some pix xxx


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  1. Louise says:

    Beautiful lady and beautiful boy x

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