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June 2, 2015 • Family, Kids • Views: 888

And so it begins again rain rain rain !

I suppose we should be grateful as Howie has just planted a wild meadow
and a veggie patch!

I think he is totally living the Kentish dream to the fullest!

For the last 3 weekends he has been planting , hoeing and mowing, all in
the glorious sunshine!

The girls too, are busy planting sunflowers onions and peas and when they
get a touch fed up they are off to the trampoline for a jump ( weather
permitting of course!)

My expertise of gardening extends to praising the progress of all that

has been planted.

I “ooh” and “ahh” and “my thats shot up!” All the right comments which I
know Howie likes to hear. Don’t get me wrong I love the garden but I
really don’t have the urge to dig, plant and water, its all a bit too
slow for me , I am a more , instant gratification I guess !

With all this going on, I am preparing to let my first born Polly go off
to Switzerland with her guide group for 9 days EEKK! Saying it out loud
really frightens me so much . I cannot believe the trip is just around
the corner m..The longest she has ever been away for is about 3 daysm
Oh the joys of learning to let gom.

I personally don’t mind the rain , in fact any of these adverse weather
conditions aren’t a problem if you’re suitably attired.

Wellington boots at the ready, waterproof jackets too, and this seems
like the perfect time for a stroll in the woods.

Polly’s Jacket is a 3 in 1 Puddle Tec 50 from

Muddy Puddles.

Its zip out fleece is perfect of our
unpredictable weather, there are also reflective
logos and pockets for high visibility.

Check out the website for more all weather gear, they have a sale on now by way!!

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