Have you ever wanted to be in a magazine?? Now’s your chance! Love Angeli xx

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Morning All! The sun is shining, I’ve done a session of hip hop abs, had a wheatgrass shot and swigged back my bottle of gold collagen and I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll!!!

Up front and centre I would like to say that today’s blog is a clear and unadulterated case of nepotism! I’m supporting my lovely husband in his work and helping him help us to build a future together. Not only because I love him (obviously – doh!) but, if I’m honest, more importantly, it is a truism to say that if he makes more money I am more likely to get lovely Prada- based presents…. There I thought it, I said it, I feel cleansed.. tee hee!

Sooo, hubster is a photographer and runs a company called Limitless Pictures ( take a look at this link). It is an interiors photo library and he supplies features to magazines across the globe on lovely people and their homes. For example his work has appeared in Elle Deco, Living Etc, Marie Claire Maison, Sunday Times etc etc – you get the drill..

He is always on the look out for new and exciting peeps and their homes to shoot so I’m asking all you out there to see if it is something that you might be interested in… or maybe you know someone with an amazing magazine worthy place?Tania Webb-1 copy

So if it is something you are keen on – do let me know!! I promise it doesn’t cost you a penny – he fronts all the photography and styling costs and it’s a really lovely way for you to show off your wonderful home..

Also if you have a business it’s a great way to get some free publicity for yourself and what you do..

And calling out to all PRs out there – would be great for your clients too – they’d love it!026-043_marmalade_VC120-6 copy

So if this has piqued your interest please leave a message below or email me direct at angeli@cornelius.net and let’s see whether we can make it work!2015-2

Have a totally wonderful day and I hope to hear from lots of you amazing people with fabulous homes!

Love Angeli xx

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