Get the buzz.. Maple is the new Coconut! Nicola x

July 15, 2015 • Food & Interiors • Views: 764

Could this be the new rival to coconut water… maple water!
Tapped straight from the Canadian maple tree in the spring, maple water (like coconut water) is super-hydrating, making it a good sports drink or if you’ve over indulged. What’s more, I am told, it contains 46 good-for-you ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants and prebiotics. Surprisingly, it is low in sugar – amazing, considering it is the precursor to that wonderful liquid gold, maple syrup. (Maple water becomes maple syrup during processing.)
I like it served chilled flavoured with summer berries or currants, which complements its slightly caramel flavour. Or you could use it in smoothies, juices, fruit-based desserts, or chilled soups.

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