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What’s with the ‘chiilax mum – I’ve got this’ attitude of my teenage daughter doing her GSCEs?? Why does she not understand that my stress levels are off the radar and necking a bottle of Bach Rescue remedy a day is hardly helping!!

I lucidly remember back in my teenage/gcse (sorry ‘O’ levels then) days that I felt immense pressure to do brilliantly and basically get A grades for every subject I took…

That pressure was three fold..

1.My school –Dorset Grammar School… my Headmistress Ms Birchett, was every inch the Miss Trunchbull from Roald Dahl’s Matilida… right down to the fitted tweed suit over a very ample bosom and prison regulation brown leather lace up brogues… outside her office was ‘The Silence Corridor”. If you were caught, talking/laughing/ coughing /sneezing or even, heaven forbid, walking loudly – you got detention. She had very firm demands of her ‘girls’ and we were very much expected to Achieve.. Achieve. Achieve..

2.Myself, I think I definitely wanted to get good grades.. revision timetables, studying until the wee small hours if the night – it think I even discovered ProPlus them – is it still around? Some sort of caffeine substitute that eliminated the need to selotape my eyes open to look at schoolbooks but made me develop a rather attractive twitch for the duration of my exams…

3.My parents – By far the biggest pressure regarding school was my dad… I lived in fear of his temper if I didn’t get A grades for EVERY subject on every school report… – for ‘effort’ and ‘achievement’. I distinctly remember one report with a B for effort in Physics (which I was totally useless at – (who really cares if you can explain why the surface tension of water is broken by a bit of soap???). it was screwed up in a ball and burned… then I was walloped hard and told to do better. Ironically my dad left home before I did my ‘O’ levels but that sense of proving myself and fear of not doing well enough stays with me even today…

So I find it liberating in some ways that my daughter, who started her GCSEs this week seems totally oblivious to any of these pressures. I’ve given up trying to nag/cajole/or do a revision plan with her. I’ve come to terms with the fact that if she is prepared to be master of her own destiny I must accept that too.

She is smart, funny and beautiful and she will accomplish whatever she wants in life.. I have to support her in her own decision making and walk beside her knowing she may fall occasionally but that the journey is hers…

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  1. JenH says:

    Great blog Angeli. With teenagers myself i know exactly what mean. …
    Jenny X

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