Francine’s healthy twist on summer fruits! xx

August 25, 2015 • Family, Food & Interiors, Home • Views: 480

I love bringing the mood of the season, and here we have beautiful summer days, to the kitchen table.
I have made , with my family, fruity healthy and most importantly , stunning, desserts and treats.
We have an intense smoothie of lemon lime and wheatgrass.
The most delicious water melon works in between courses as it cleansed the mouth, and refreshes. The less pips the better for children.
We used cookie cutters to present mango and pink grapefruit. This was my girls favourite as mango is so sweet. Too sweet for me.
Then to dark chocolate , which is never too sweet for me. Melted on top of mango, which was sandwiched on top of thin sponge, a kind of mango Jaffa cake ! Then cut into hearts…..xx



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