Finally a fabulous fashion magazine for All AWKWARDs (10-16 year olds!) Love Angeli

November 17, 2015 • Guest Blogs • Views: 682

I know a lovely lady called Liz Shepherd. She started her creative path in High Street Fashion and reached the heady heights of Head of Advertising at H&M for the UK. Then she took the independence ‘leap of faith’ and started her own creative agency Two Trouts, which she ran for 6 years. – That’s when I first met her.


Since then Liz has been a stellar light as a freelance commercial Art Director, working with such illustrious clients such as Saatchi and Saatchi and DDB Advertising Agencies. Liz has focused on shooting unique kids creative both on screen and in print. Now she had added an extra string to her bow launching the totally amazing AWKWARD online magazine.

Love Angeli x

Here’s the lowdown – direct from Liz…..

What’s it all about Liz?

‘Dear The Wide World’

Announcing the launch of my new online magazine AWKWARD.

An aspiring On-line Magazine for photographers to showcase their work as well as contributions from kids media/pics and videos.

It is a showcase for the Awkward Age – older kids (10-16yrs- in betweeny/cool /not cool age)-an age group that falls before anything legal and adult years and yet are the uber users of social media.

I think they are a much ignored age group and yet are utterly fascinating: grown up but not really and kind of cool / not cool / independent /but not really.

They are a massive consumer group with their own money and opinions – uber consumers and on the whole totally ignored and not spoken to by advertisers /clothing brands .

They see / hear everything are spoken to like adults but have no voice. Massively opinionated and driven exclusively by their peer groups.

I don’t even proclaim to understand them but Awkward is intended as a medium to give them a voice and showcase editorials / videos / Insta feeds aimed directly at this age group.

I have an awkward 12 year old – who is equally loving and awkward and embarrassed by me in equal measures.

Not sure how I fitted the launch of this mag into my hectic life. By its incredibly rewarding to self publish. Looking forward to lots of contributions from journalists/ photographers / stylists and the awkward age kids themselves.

Very grateful for all the input from the photographers and stylist who have given their time to launch this

Next issue will be out in March 2016.

Buy Why launch the mag? Haven’t you got enough to do?

I actually started the mag because no one wants to feature this age group as they aren’t cute anymore! We shot an amazing story in Capetown and then fretted where to place it! The Pool story was the inspiration for starting the mag! I it just rolled from there!

Finally Freelance V Salaried Liz?

Freelance is the way forward! Free as a bird and living with the guilt like every mother (work vs. family). Better mother for it! Positive role model!!

Applause for Liz.. what a brilliant role model! Love Angeli xx



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