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March 8, 2015 • Kids, This Is Me • Views: 540

I am very excited about our family ski trip in March. We are going with a whole bunch of people so it should be a riot and my kids will have lots of other kids to entertain them rather than relying ion me and II (‘Im Indoors!) It is indisputable that I am an absolutely terrible skier but I love the fresh air, the purity of snow and most importantly those gorgeous pommes frites you can get in the cafes halfway up the mountain!. I’m going to join the ‘timid mums’ lesson group and intend to balance ski/après ski in a PC ratio of 50:50. Anyhoo I wanted to get the kids kitted out without spending a fortune – seems totally ludicrous for one week wear whilst they are still growing and nothing will fit next year… so over to Ebay!


Check out these groovy outfits – daughter 16 and son 13 and the even groovier prices! Woop woop!


RHS – Him


Burton Jacket £3.31

Steiner Trousers £6.50

Gloves -£5.99

Boots – £4.75

Googles £4.45


LHS – Her


Bonfire jacket £32.00

Animal Trousers £10.00

Burton Gloves £10.02

Karrimor Boots £26.00

Googles £3.99

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