Easter ski trip in France by Angeli X

April 7, 2015 • Family, This Is Me • Views: 475

So I have just returned from an Easter ski trip in France – en famiile!

Super snow, fabulous sun and even had the entertainment value of seeing a naked skier hurtling down the slopes with wearing only a bobble hat..

We went with a huge group of parents and kids – which I highly recommend – the kids had lessons in the morning and hubby and I went out on to have bonding time on our own and afternoons we all went out together…. The perfect day!


Evenings there was a parents table and a kids table in the snow lodge 3 course meals I didn’t have to cook (!) plus we took the kids out for a couple of dinners too so we made sure we spent time all together… honestly its so great not to be chief of organising, catering and entertainment.. – I actually had a holiday! Woop woop…

But the best thing…. One of these naughty calorific hot chocolates at the end of each and every ski day!!


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