Change of life – Yoga style.. by Francine

June 6, 2015 • Family, Home • Views: 947

Well I’m so excited, happy and relieved to have completed my yoga teaching course. It was a great experience, taking me back to college days of study. Anatomy and physiology were so interesting but also so hard to learn, especially for someone like me who has only concentrated on the visual world and the aesthetics of our homes. But along with my work in styling yoga is something I find I can learn from. I learn about how we deal with people around us, how we deal with our own struggles and how we approach our triumphs . Here is a shot taken by a beautiful Brighton yoga lady called Emma . Believe me I can only hold this for about 10 seconds. Happy handstands, they are so good for your internal organs, sending blood to areas of the body that struggle to receive it. Also great for strengthening ind opening the shoulders. Plus of course everything looks good upside down xx

Its never too late to look at you life afresh and learn new skills that push your body and your mind..Whats your story? xx

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