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I’ve lived all over, born and raised in Dorset, University at Loughborough (and no I was NOT sporty!). The next 2 decades in London, followed by 5 years in Sydney and now back to the UK in Brighton. Who knows if I will stay here forever but for now it is home and is a wonderfully a vibrant, and buzzy city to be part of… All you peeps out there – Its not just for stag and hen weekends – its fun, filled with creative people and a fabulous supporter of small businesses – fashion, food, interiors.. independent shops rule here and long may that continue!

So this morning has been a long but quite exhilarating one already – partly due to my hideous insomnia ( less stress more snoring husband!) and partly due to my constant need to be doing stuff..

I can’t actually work it out – my kids are teenagers and love their sleep. I literally have to drag them out of their beds on Saturday and Sunday – (my son is still in his and its gone noon). Gone are the days of screaming toddlers jumping on our bed at 5am. Exhausting at the time but I kinda miss then now as cuddles and giggles are replaced by shouting and frustration (on my part). And yet I can’t lie in. I think early rising becomes so ingrained in you once you become a parent you think anything past 7.30am is like losing half the day!!

So anyhoo I’ve had the following excellent fun…

DOG WALKING IN STANMER PARK. Although this sounds pretty idyllic a walk with my dog consists of him running off and disappearing. Me screaming for him til he deigns to come back. Followed by him jumping up at every other person we pass and me apologizing to them. The walk is a constant repetitive loop if the above.

IMG_0056JOG ALONG THE BEACH. Blue sky, warm sun, distant sailboats and The Isley Brothers on ipod repeat, what’s not to like (apart from the exercise!)IMG_1730






BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS. I love my local bookshop and get all my good reads from here. Lovely people, joyous shop filled with books, cards and kids toys. Always hard to leave…Today’s purchase was BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat Pray Love. Another addition to my get yourself together//live your life/etc etc bookshelf!! ( know that shelf – do you have one too??)


IMG_1774COFFEE AND CROISSANTS. Joining the queue snaking out of the door of Real Patisserie is part of my Saturday morning ritual. Chocolate croissant for my son, plain croissant for my daughter. Latte for hubby, cappuccino (with chocolate) for me and a ‘chewy brown’ freshly made loaf ( unsliced) for the family.IMG_1758








So that is my day up to 11.. Now it’s cleaning, cooking and hopefully having a little bit of fun!


You have a great day too..


Angeli xx



Ps I went to see the movie ’THE PROGAM’ last night. It’s about the highs and ultimate downfall of Lance Armstrong. It’s made in a documentary style and tells the story well. I personally would have like more focus and detail on the decline side and the relationships he had with all the riders he intimated and threatened but I guess it would have made for a very very long film! What did come across was a true sense of his God Complex. Very scary. And Ben Foster as Lance was A-mazing. An interesting watch. I recommend it.

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  1. Sounds like a reasonable exchange with Bondi and no sharks!! x

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