Amelia’s baby blog part 2….

October 8, 2015 • Guest Blogs, Kids • Views: 918

It is totally amazing for me reading Amelia’s lovely blog pieces on her pregnancy.. I’ve just realised that as her child enters this world my first born will be officially deemed an adult… yet despite the passage of time we still have the same dilemnas – what buggy to  get, what cot, how to decorate the nursery! and very importantly what to wear to cater for the ever growing bump! Anyway here is Amelia’s latest news..

Angeli x


Back from Miami to beautiful sunshine for a few days! What was a little bump seemed to love the sunshine and humidity out there and has since bloomed! And I felt my first kick, which was wonderful!!
Straight back to work for a few days before we decided to tackle a car-boot sale at the weekend. It was a great opportunity to clear all that junk from the loft I had stashed away over the years. We did quite well and our stall seemed very popular as the sun shone ☀️ More money for the baby fund!

My partner has  been such an amazing support about totally everything. he’s learned quickly to deal with my  (I’m guessing normal) emotions/anxieties  that I have faced being pregnant such as body changes, financial worries, work logistics etc. Literally my rock..

And, like a true bloke,  has been busy considering the practical side of things. Something he’s great at. He took himself off to John Lewis recently to research all the pushchairs and car seats currently on the market. I think he is most definitely more excited about those things than I am. He said it was a minefield out there but after much deliberation, the Bugaboo and Uppababy were the strongest contenders. My only request is a small buggy as I want to be able to get in to shops with ease and not have anything to bulky for loading in the car. The Joolz Day Studio pushchair seemed to cover these bases so another one to consider! PlusI would be quite happy with a good old fashion Maclaren. Urghh, quite honestly any suggestions would be most welcome! so please please write below if you have reccommendations..  I would be eternally grateful!
We had a scan at 18-weeks yesterday with the NHS so we are now finally logged on their system. The baby is very active in there and apparently has long legs 🙂 Although we had already been assigned a midwife by the NHS, due to mine and my partners busy schedules, we had our initial scan carried out privately at 11-weeks. but it was great to meet such a lovely team of midwives and I’m hopeful they will be around for the rest of my pregnancy and the birth.
We had initially considered finding out the sex of our baby on our upcoming 20-week scan but have decided to wait to find out. We have been busy thinking of names, so many coming up for girls, but not so easy for the boys?? I’m hoping inspiration will hit me soon but it may be one of those situations that you dont’ know until the little one arrives.
I’m very much looking forward to getting another opportunity to see how our baby is getting on in its little hotel that is getting bigger by the day! Since the morning sickness has started to slowly wear off I am beginning to feel more energised. (hurrah)  Next challenge, sifting through  my wardrobe for suitable outfits, that is definitely going to be a tough one!

Love Amelia xx




5 Responses to Amelia’s baby blog part 2….

  1. Esther says:

    Wish I could of gone to that boot sale,bet there’s a few things I would of loved to buy .
    Can’t wait to meet the bump,so excited .
    Think Joel’s amazing.
    Love Dolly x????xxx

  2. Amelia says:

    Thanks Dolly and Angeli.. Yes drinks soon please! Xx

  3. Sam sunshine says:

    You will be such a cool mom….. With lots of kids shoots as practice ?
    Loved the car boot sale pic,gypsy girl……..
    Your lovely man will get so into the pram thing…. It’s like a new toy! Small and compact the way to go ❤️
    Can’t wait for coco and bump to play xxx Sam,coco and the Lion x

    • Amelia says:

      Agh thanks Eth… Yes not far behind you! My inspiration! Will get to meet Coco and see you and the Lion in a few weeks hopefully ✨? Yippee xxx

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